Intranet Task
Management Tool

Almost project management tool to assign tasks
and control execution

Manage lots of Projects easily with Appropriate Task Manager

An essential tool for any organization, the LS Intranet Task Management Tool helps you arrange and systematize workflow in your digital workplace. Use it to allocate assignments, administer goals, and handle procedures to save time and money.

workflow management

Enhance work process in your company by speeding up tasks. This Task Management Tool saves wasted time spent on scheming, assembling, and supervising projects and assignments.

It also allows employees to note unresolved issues, catch on recent urgencies, and monitor their own progress reports.

work process

LS Intranet Task Management Tool also helps organize presets in your array of authorization procedures like official tour requests, holiday demands, data retrieval, financial statements, etc. It merely takes a half-hour and does not require programming.

A few clicks will finish tasks of the same nature. Categorize them and coordinate your work using numerous filters. Assess approval history before finalizing them. Schedule relevant work with coworkers. Don’t forget to include tasks in the Workflow Management Tool.


Use the Calendar Tool to highlight and remind you of important dates. Enter a task, specify the conditions, and follow the settled schedule to prioritize activities and complete all of them on time.

work progress

LS Intranet Task Management Tool lets you make lists, appoint responsibilities, and regulate tasks to keep you updated. State requirements for each task and let it appraise your employees on work progress. Also, consider the rise in your staff intranet consumption!

Solve issues

Supervise everything on one screen, be it a cellphone, laptop, or desktop. Facilitate employees with their work procedure from any place; whether you are in a conference or your sofa at home, handle your office distantly.


LS Intranet Task Management Tool lets operatives arrange working hours and resolve surfacing problems. Your company can swiftly plan the degree of its operations and thus, improve proficiency and competence at a larger scale.

Conducting tasks can sometimes be really amusing. Concluding a piece of work, employees can quickly assess their workflow and can subsequently start a new task.

As you and your staff become accustomed to this simple but essential instrument, LS Intranet Task Management Tool will certainly ease up on your jobs and will soon become a significant asset to your company. Your company will find it difficult to function without it.

Check how it works!

Easily assign or reassign tasks, responsive employees and the deadlines for them to fulfill assignments as one team

Task Management Tool | LS Intranet

Check tasks performance in one convenient interface: see assigned, finished, active and future ones

You can monitor and control all the process of task performance: from the very beginning till its end

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