Intranet Chatbot Erl

Usual working office routine request simplifier, like vacation approval or business card order

Amp up the Entertainment with LS Intranet Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot Erl Assistance

As the digital world advances, forget the old tech and look towards the future with Chatbot Erl, the virtual assistant that will make your work easier and more enjoyable.

Using this unique Chatbot, you’ll save time as he can help you search for data, answer your queries, locate contact information, and present you the corporate data you require in a matter of minutes. Whats more? He can send this data to the app of your choice, whether it’s Facebook or Skype.

Stay Updated
on the News

With Erl, you won’t have to waste any more time searching for data: he can find all the corporate information you need if you give him the command. This means that even when you’re on vacation or haven’t been able to check the office new board, you can still remain aware of the goings on of the company.


Not only does Erl update you on company news, he can immediately provide you with the contact information of any colleague or company worker including their email, phone number, address, etc.

Intranet Chatbot | LS Intranet

High-Speed Policies
and Product Search

Erl’s cutting-edge search function could probably beat Usain Bolt.

Since Erl is based on Artificial Intelligence, he is always focused and his work is fast-tracked. All company staff will be given permission to access general company policies, guidelines and product information.

Intranet Chatbot | LS Intranet

Q&A Service

Whether you’re new at the workplace and you need some help to learn the ropes or you simply don’t understand the new messaging system, everyone has questions. Although a coworker may not always be there to answer them, Erl will gladly assist the said person.

By creating a FAQ list with the typical queries and teaching Erl the answers, you can start up the Q&A service. This will save everyone’s time for the additional explanation of evident for particularly your office routine.

Holiday Spirit
at Workplace

Fully-equipped Chatbot Erl is not only a work tool, but he’s someone that your employees can also communicate with. He can relate to your workers and keep them entertained by saying things like: “I totally know what you mean”, “I get that”, “I see where you’re coming from” etc.

With technology on the rise, Chatbots an inevitable amenity that should be found in every workplace. By relying on AI, you can solve your troubles in a jiffy and make corporate living a pleasant experience.

Getting Your
Getaway Approved

Getting a holiday couldn’t be any easier! The Chatbot finds you the fastest and simplest way to getting a vacation request. All you have to do is enter at the start and finish dates of your leave time and leave it to Erl to get your request approved.

No more lengthy waits at HR or having to bother your Director or even having to write an official request yourself, Erl will take care of everything.

Chatbots are an inevitable reality of nowadays. It’s time to rely on AI your problems, administrative questions and assistance in everyday workflows to make your corporate life more comfortable, secure and exciting.

Present your team members with a constantly good humor – get acquainted them with Erl.

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