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Share Recent News with all your Colleagues with LS Intranet News Feed

In order to make all employees up to speed about the company’s latest activities and updates, the LS Intranet News Feed is a beneficial tool. You can disseminate the latest internal and external information, broadcast corporate messages and get real-time feedback to create an inclusive and co-operational workplace culture.

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With this Intranet News Feed, you can make the latest and most prominent information easily accessible for every worker. Your employees will be kept in the loop with new market tendencies, departmental updates and recent achievements of the company.

Then, each and every member of the company becomes involved in a corporate life and camaraderie is formed. The LS Intranet Slider Tool is a bonus addition to the newsfeed feature.


Although you may not be technologically savvy, with staff intranet you can create rich content without much prior knowledge or experience. To edit and filter any new messages and attached multimedia (pictures, videos, and links) there is a foolproof editor to ensure all Intranet News Feed posts are accurate.

In order to get more widespread viewership, you can schedule the publication to the appropriate time.

Target information
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By employing proper categorization and classification tags, your news will be easily organized and workers can find specific information by the type, author and publication data. Data can be distributed rationally – specific information for targeted teams, departments, occupations or locations with permission-based control.


Automatic notifications can be set up to inform users about any updates in LS Intranet News Feed, to be sure they won’t miss anything important. It’s possible to customize notification according to your preferences: receive frequency (daily, weekly, or at one stroke, when it happens) and filter content or author.

priority issues

This staff intranet feature allows you to comprehend the need and interests of your staff by monitoring the Intranet News Feed statistics to measure employees’ engagement. Moreover, you can examine their feedback, displayed in likes and comments. The analysis will enable you to identify crucial issues to note down in the intranet blog.


Through intranet social options of likes, commenting, following and feedback, employees are proactively participating in the newsfeed and event updates.

As the News Tool functions based on Yammer technology, swift communication between you and your team will be possible.

Helping to create an ideal digitized workplace that promotes employee collaboration and data sharing no matter, how widespread your enterprise is, this LS Intranet Tool will connect all staff members to company’s achievements, activities, etc.

Check how it works!

This is how News Feed looks like. See the comments, likes and shares straight from the portal homepage.

Announce a news for everyone from your group (organization, department, office) who should discover it at one stroke.

Use tags to filter out news you want to read.

Create as many audiences and tags as you need to make your News highly targeted and appropriate.

You can create the necessary groups for news targeting and provide their members with different levels of rights for their management.

In My Dashboard you can adjust what news will be displayed on your News Feed.

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