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Information about employees birthdays: for today, current week, current month

Don’t Miss any Birthday with Birthdays Feature

The Birthdays Tool of the LS Intranet is used to keep track of all employee birthdays so that workers can be informed regarding upcoming birthdays; when exactly and who’s the nearest birthday will take place.

This tool allows you to establish a closer bond between your workers, stimulate their teamwork and make them feel valued.

and friendly spirit

Having a record of important employee events like their birthdays or anniversaries will let you be able to prepare a gift or even a surprise party to celebrate the occasion.

Your employees will feel acknowledged and cared for; also the entire team can cooperate to plan the event, which subsequently enhances collaboration between the colleagues.

By using this Intranet portal everyone can take a part in event organization, plus they can plan their attendance to it beforehand.


Mutual congratulations and celebrations are a great way to strengthen the relationship between staff members so that your organization becomes a cohesive community.

Using the social intranet you can upload, share and access photos and videos of the birthday parties or celebratory events (using the File Share Tool), creating a friendly atmosphere online as well as in real life.

The Birthday Tool encourages staff from different departments to reach to out to each other and start getting acquainted with other colleagues by themselves.


Once celebrations and congratulations are in order, the workers form a more personal bond and will be more comfortable going to workers in different departments to ask for assistance. Staff will be able to work better in groups or teams and hence the office is more productive.

The corporate intranet will be used more frequently and workers can also be reminded to send a birthday email which in turn means that they will be more familiar to correspondence and are obliged to cooperate on various tasks.

Easy access to colleague contact information (via People Directory Tool)

The Intranet portal’s Birthday Tool will help management to create the working conditions, where all your staff will be eager to come back to work every day.

Coworkers can gain access to their colleagues’ contact information through the staff intranet, so they can build friendship further than simple working relations.

Check how it works!

You can choose the look of the widget to congratulate each employee individually.

Birthday tool displays employees who have births within one month.

Every employee can congratulate his colleague right under the widget.

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