Intranet File
Sharing Tool

Create, store, manage and share common files
between employees

Secure your Corporate Documents with LS Intranet File Sharing Feature

The LS Intranet File Sharing Tool allows its user to conveniently manage, store, create and share common data exchanged between employees. This saves employees or large scale organizations time and effort they would otherwise lose looking for information.

This File Share tool makes it easy to create managed general storage that cuts down work interruptions and increases efficiency dramatically.


With LS Intranet, secure file sharing is simple with information organized into a catalog for easy access. A convenient preview of documents is available in order to avoid losing time individually opening each file.


With Microsoft One Drive, you can store data in a cloud-based drive leaving your personal desktop clutter free. Intranet file sharing relieves burdens of low personal storage as all past and future files can be saved within this tool.

You can download, create and exchange necessary documents in your online browser altering it with MS Office spreadsheets such as Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint.


The rights access option allows employees to work on files collectively or limit access to only the authorized. Workers can be assigned to project groups to see and edit files with access rights. All the changes that are made to the document are visible to all so the stages and version of the file are known.


The information in your documents can be structured the way you need it to be with the use of content targeting, document shortcuts, and categories.


The Intranet file sharing is time efficient for the departments as a whole and newcomers can be integrated into the organization through access to information that can answer questions in the LS Intranet software.

The staff too has access to up-to-date corporate data. Workers can stay focused and leave one another uninterrupted from queries about the whereabouts of files and their versions.

Choose Intranet Secure
File Sharing

Begin to store crucial documents on a cloud server and rid yourself from worries about slow performance computer. With the help of Intranet file sharing, corporate teams can simultaneously work on, share and edit documents in a personalized manner.

Check how it works!

Create or upload files from the computer in different formats_ Word, Excell, PowerPoint, OneNote, and others.

Open, edit, delete documents online straightly on the intranet portal.

Pick the Doc and view its date of modifications, persons who made corrections and have an access.

View different Doc versions histories and users who made corrections in the form of the list.

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