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Now, the truth is that having to choose the most convenient intranet solution is undoubtedly a challenging task. And, of course, when it comes to it, one of the most burdensome tasks is choosing the tools for visual presentation, namely intranet dashboard.

The most important thing that people commonly look for intranet dashboard is its ease of use and utility. The LS Intranet Dashboard will easily help you handle both of these needs while bringing a lot more to the table.
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Let’s have a look at some of the perks of the LS Intranet Dashboard:

the Overall
Work Process

This convenient LS Intranet Dashboard is designated to show the progress on certain tasks for any employee. You can monitor the ones that he or she has completed as well as those which peak in performance or are overdone. This will allow you to assign tasks a lot easier and more efficiently.


The LS Intranet Dashboard is going to provide each employee with the chance to find out the actual number of his overall paid time off – the vacation days are clearly and properly displayed on the dashboard itself.

the KPIs of
Your Employees

This will allow you to ensure that all of the work achievements are properly accounted for – you will be able to introduce all of your employees their own KPIs to determine whether the designated assignments were actually fulfilled on time and in a productive manner.

This will allow you not to rely on year-round closing reports.

Simplifying the
Overall Workflow

The truth is that LS Intranet Dashboard is going to enable every single worker to create his own favorites of videos, docs, and links in order to allow employees to optimize their time.

Using the LS Intranet Dashboard is obviously something that you can take advantage of in a range of different yet comprehensive ways. You can have quick access to your LS Intranet favorites, which is definitely something to be considered.


The LS Intranet Dashboard will constantly remind your employees about the perks that they get by working in this company. It could be extensive medical insurance or tickets to certain conferences, different courses and so forth. While it’s nothing significantly major, it’s definitely a thing which is going to bring in team spirit and enhanced dedication.

Not all Intranet software have such a similar internal advanced search engine feature, which enables you and your staff to work not only productively but also efficiently and with minimum time expenditure.

Check how it works!

Choose which tiles do you want to show on My Dashboard for all users.

Select the groups to display your queries and their statuses within a month in Dashboards.

Enter KPIs that users can select in a KPI tile in My Dashboard to see their performance efficiency.

Make a convenient list of benefits displayed on the Dashboard to show employees all the advantages that your orgation provides.

Adjust what news do you want to see in your News Feed.

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