Intranet Photo Gallery Widget

Place to publish sets of corporate photos or images

Photos provide a unique way of dotting your portal with reminders of past events that deserved to remain in the minds of the workforce. The LS Intranet photo gallery widget is a repository that every user can access and even download their favorite photos.


It’s intriguing for employees to have a glimpse of their photos when they were in the organization’s team-building events, motivational hikes and other fetes. Pictures induce a sense of belonging and attaches employees’ emotions to your brand – it makes them feel they are part of the family.

The LS Intranet photo gallery widget keeps all the wonderful organization’s moments in one place. Managers and trainers can make use of the gallery photos to inspire new talents and instill company’s culture into them.

Like, Comment
& Share Photos

The LS Intranet photo gallery widget espouses social media capabilities enabling users to like, add emoji, comment and even share the photos with their colleagues directly. One can tag one of their photos against their profiles or make them their group profile pictures.

Committing to the LS Intranet Workflow Management software will not only save you abundant time but will also save money. Also, it will guide you in developing more efficient and beneficial corporate processes that will assist you in surpassing your colleagues.

Check how it works!

Arrange polls or voting on any topics among employees. LS Intranet Survey Tool will help to find out opinions quick by involving all the team members. Analyze the results on the go.

All your team is right here. Just click on the avatar and get required information with Our Team LS Intranet widget.

All the important company events are available to check. LS Intranet Calendar tool shows what will happen today this week or month in the corporate life.

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