Intranet Microsites Tool

Personal intranet pages for departments/employees
or projects

Provide Every Department with its own Team Site

The Microsites Tool of LS Intranet enables you to easily and efficiently develop departmental or personal pages as per your requirement. It’s called a Microsite rather than simply a website because it’s a site within your main company.

If your company has multiple departments or employees with varying specialties, this feature is extremely useful.

Coding conundrum

Thanks to LS Intranet, each staff member with permitted access can create a Microsite under 30 minutes, without learning to code at all. In your Microsite, you can include indexes of information or web pages with detailed content and multimedia like pictures, photos, libraries, lists, news, and videos.

Also, for those who are interested and capable, there is an option to code your customized layouts using HTML & CSS.


Each team or branch of your company can have their own intranet sites. Having separate Microsites for interconnected teams working on different projects or appointments means that the working process can be simplified, easily managed and there will be a lot less confusion.

Plus it creates an online community space for specific groups of your workers.

Employee collaboration
and cooperation heightened

One department site can bring together people from different departments and locations when they are working on a specific topic so that communication will be effective and interaction increases.

With this social intranet device, it doesn’t matter what place the employee works, all of them can come together to get more work done.


The Microsites Tool is easily available from any display. Wherever you are, at a meeting, on a business trip or at home, you can always gain access to the LS Intranet site from any device.

Hence, you can get in contact with your team through the department site to discuss or solve current issues or problems altogether.

As LS Intranet site is built on Microsoft SharePoint, you can be assured that your private community space communications are highly protected and only accessible to those with permission. Furthermore, with Microsites Tool you can solve issues faster, easier and in a team-effort way.

Check how it works!

Create personal pages for departments and groups in 1 click.

Microsites display your organizational structure through building a hierarchy of sub-department sites.

Assign users with different permissions at the group/department levels.

Convenient two-level quick launch menu with all necessary links to internal and outer resources.

Add widgets to display the necessary information in the right quantity

The site of your team can have an absolutely individual design independent of the company’s portal

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