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Reward Staff with Appropriate Employee Spotlight Feature

Financial benefits are a part of the attraction for workers. Consistency in deliverables demands things like recognition, constructive criticism and motivation, which are also crucial.

With this in mind, LS Intranet gathers details for staff rewards. This recognition ensures that staff members receive credit for their dedication, during which the organization benefits.


This recognition program makes organizations notice efforts of staff members and motivates them to adopt successful solutions and become solution oriented.

Such encouragement provides the needed push factor and is an aspect of the Employee Spotlight Tool that assures staff members and recognizes their efforts.

As a result, all team members, including passive ones, turn active to think creatively and put forth fresh ideas.


Acknowledgment of efforts will encourage workers and in the process, it improves their working experience.

So, the reward program is designed to provide gratitude and acknowledgment, a simple and effective office addition.

The LS Intranet Employee Spotlight Tool helps companies to notice and distinguish staff caliber.

Employee intranet is great to monitor all staff and express thankfulness towards proficient team members. Expressing gratitude will prompt workers to continue efforts.


A just and equal system through a recognition program will eliminate unhealthy workplace competition and ensure there is no room for preferential treatment at work and helps create a friendly work atmosphere for all. All of which work towards making an enjoyable and secure company.

The Employee Spotlight Tool places employees to get noticed for their endeavors for getting rid of possible discontentment.


Employee intranet notices efforts and triggers a reward or bonus for steering workers to excel. In doing so, workers will also help improve enterprise efficiency.

Given that an efficient business gains financial benefits, the team members receive a share of preferences they helped to create through employee intranet recognition program.

Companies should not hold back from thanking workers, rewarding their achievements and inspiring them consistently.

The LS Intranet Employee Spotlight Tool keeps these things in check and helps with company growth.

Check how it works!

This is how the employee is spotted and everyone in the company sees main contributors.

You can easily check and manage the list of employees_ rewards.

This is how admin panel for Employee Spotlight looks like. Designate winners and their success stories to motivate other workers.

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