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LS Intranet Calendar for Planning Events & Meetings

The LS Intranet Calendar is designed to understand the importance of time. It is a corporate worker’s must-have as it balances meetings, tasks, and errands.

Easy Scheduling

Studies show that color coding conveys information better and helps with retention. The LS Intranet Calendar is in line with this concept and uses color codes to alert the employee with scheduled official calls, meetings, due dates for projects etc.

User Friendly

By helping employees prioritize the LS Intranet Calendar minimizes procrastination. The online scheduling option allows employees to plan ahead by filling in the appropriate time slots specifying the activity.

The simplicity of use makes it a plausible option for employees in a wide array of fields.


The LS Intranet Calendar keeps project members and managers up to date with the progress of their colleagues. Information like which project people are working on and what progress are they making can be crucial for management.

Project management

Deadlines are key for all deliverables and you can use the LS Intranet Calendar to monitor progress and meet deadlines. You can manage your group and authorize access by accepting or denying access to ensure sharing with relevant people.

Once you’re part of a project you can keep up with your end of deliverables to ensure you meet deadlines and managers can ensure everyone is on track.


Efficient sharing of information can make a business productive and the LS Intranet Calendar helps companies achieve this goal. Keeping this in mind the LS Intranet Calendar follows the principle of working smart. So, the time wasted on filling each other in on progress reports can be shifted to a more result-oriented activities.

Recurring Tasks
and Events

An effortless tap on the “repeat” flag automatically notifies the employees of the events or meetings that take consistently on a daily or a weekly or a monthly basis. This will help you save time and plan ahead by easily listing your recurring tasks and events.

and Notification

With the LS Intranet Calendar you can create a custom group for upcoming conferences, meetings, webinars, and presentations to ensure relevant individuals are invited and attend your events. Relevant members will get email notifications and they can accept or refuse appointments based on their schedule conflicts.

Integrated Calendar
Of Events

You can alter the audience of your office calendar and it can be public or private. To help with collaboration you can join the People Directory Tool to access the schedule of your project members.

By sharing your Calendar you can share and gain access to important information about upcoming events, holidays, meetings with your LS Intranet Calendar community.

Mutual calendars

Personal LS Intranet office calendar offers to add different events and integrate with various calendars of national holidays or with any needed kind of downloads: file, catalog or Internet sites.

Everyone is involved. Everyone is included. Everything is integrated. All of which will ease collaboration and increase efficiency at your workplace.

Committing to the LS Intranet Workflow Management software will not only save you abundant time but will also save money. Also, it will guide you in developing more efficient and beneficial corporate processes that will assist you in surpassing your colleagues.

Check how it works!

Get information about all scheduled events for the current period in the context of the day/month and week.

You can view and correct events right on the homepage.

Sync events in one-click with your Outlook calendar.

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