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Discover all your Businesses’ Locations with LS Intranet Map Feature

Given that the workspace requires alliance within and outside the office, the LS Intranet Map is equipped to provide locations and contact details.

This helps facilitate collaboration through openness and keeps relevant team members in the loop at all times.


The LS Intranet Map Tool helps sort out schedule conflicts within association areas and makes contact details of staff members accessible to the entire organization.

It’s a very pragmatic approach to facilitate alliance with team members.

The location feature, in particular, is great as a remote workspace feature for a global firm or a company with global team members to ensure all are in the loop with each other’s whereabouts.


The employee Intranet Map portal assists company-wide workers to maintain openness within the organization.

With the company Intranet Map access, any employee can effectively see all departments and offices, their sites and contact details.


Along with openness within the organization, the staff of companies that use the Intranet Map feature is proud and happy to become a part of a company with global reach.

Proud workers can reap the benefits of the employee intranet feature at work and they can boast about it among their friends and family.


In a few cases, workers require the complete addresses of distant workspaces to designate it for setting up deals, delivering emails, sending collaborators communications, and many other such tasks.

With LS Intranet Map Tool, they will always have the required details within reach.


In a worldwide operation, you, your team, and the whole association needs to be in touch with each other. Managing a remote workspace can be quite a challenge.

But with LS Intranet Map Tool by your side, you will be relieved of network handling issues as the software will take care of it.

Employee intranet links individuals from various areas, regardless of their location, so that the precious time of workers can be dedicated towards their core responsibilities. With the LS Intranet Map Tool, staff members are constantly informed about all and relevant workspace in all nations, what their contacts are doing, and whom they can contact at any of its units.

Check how it works!

Map shows company offices addresses synchronized with Google maps.

Branches displays detailly office contacts/ address, business phone, responsive manager and location on the map.

Map can also contain responsive employees’ contacts you can contact in case anyone requires their assistance.

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