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Branding Feature for Attractive Intranet Design

LS Intranet Branding Tool was devised in order to increase the privacy of your online corporate work setting and is easily adjusted to the prerequisites, values, and necessities of your business.

Since the intranet offers a digital workplace where your colleagues will the majority of their time, it’s crucial to make the software comfortable, user-friendly and unique.


Making use of a new, corporate system for complex operation seems like a daunting and difficult task for a lot of employees. They worry about learning the new technical specifications, tools, the extent of necessity and how to make the best use of the programs.

LS Intranet solution gives you an opportunity to change your staff’s attitude to corporate software. The software is convenient to use and users can choose, implement and edit all instruments as you require, for example widgets’ indentions, sizes, layouts, colors, additional effects, every element’ style, items, the width of workspace.

No need to
learn to code

Most of the separate software programs need a responsible person to align it. But with the intranet workplace, there’s no need to start learning how to do any complex and confusing coding work.

All you need is to choose and flag all necessary elements, widgets, colors and so on to make your individualistic intranet design.


Despite common opinion SharePoint intranet is hard to manage because of CMS platform difficulties, our LS Intranet tailored with convenience and high usability in mind. LS digital workplace has a very simple and understandable content management system. That’s why even users without a special knowledge will be able to intuitively find how to change homepage slides, widgets’ sizes, colors and other simple intranet design modifications with the help of the Branding Feature.

and noticeable

Using the Branding Tool you can alter the intranet design for any purpose. Either create a celebratory atmosphere, design your own homepage in a festive style for whatever occasion be it birthdays, New Year, Christmas Day, March 8 etc.

By presenting your colleagues with an unforgettable and original intranet design you can make them feel glad to be a part of your company, wherever remote he/she is: on the meeting, on a business trip etc.

Comfort which

The employees start to use LS Intranet software like a second home: they keep up with the current news, assign tasks, follow managers through newsfeeds, and communicate with colleagues. As it’s used too frequently, it’s important to make the online workplace user-friendly, useful and attractive to visit.

Pleasant and understandable LS Intranet Branding creates an atmosphere of comfort and collaboration. As when entering own homepage workers understand company’s views, problems and aims, so they develop a feeling of synergy.

To build a strong company, as well as a friendly and cohesive team, you have to create your Intranet Branding, with own style and uniqueness, which meets particularly your values, needs, and requests. And LS Intranet Branding Tool can help you to create such an inclusive and cooperative digitized workplace.

Check how it works!

Branding intranet feature 1

Choose any theme for the intranet portal as you need it to be.

You can customize many parameters: size, location on the page, borders, colors, fonts, and visual effects.

To create an individual portal design for your company, different departments and teams

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