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Place where the company’s new vacancies are published

Quickly Detect Competent Staff with LS Intranet Jobs Feature

LS Intranet software, which provides a private network that links the computers of the organization’s staff together, also provides HR Department with a highly beneficial Jobs Tool. The Job’s Tool helps especially to simplify and accelerate recruitment of new staff.

Easy and efficient

You can outline the requirements of the new hire on the Intranet web page in order to show all the staff what particular specialist is necessary at a specific time. At any time, you can even modify your job offer and revise the status of the hiring process, keeping it up-to-date.

Additionally, more hiring web forms can be created as per your demands. The process of job advertising becomes digital and directly managed by yourself.

cuts out coding

The job web form is customizable so it can be altered in order to suit your organisation needs. You don’t have to learn to code to make the web form match your standards.


The recommendations from the company employees may be one of the best ways to find the right hire faster and with more accessible background information. All your company workers have diverse experiences and are acquainted with various worthy candidates whose details they can share via the staff intranet.

Once your staff sees the type of person exactly is needed for the current position they can easily recommend you valuable specialists or simply attach the applicant’s curriculum vitae immediately.

Employees’ growth
inside the company

When new vacancies are up for grabs, a lot of employees can apply for the new positions at the other work field themselves. This is beneficial as the company doesn’t lose a key employee, instead, it helps the worker to try out for a different position and develops his/her career aspirations. Hence, intranet software allows there to be the enhancement of employees by keeping them aware of jobs through an employee intranet.


A standard and thorough background search of the possible job candidates may easily take from weeks to months. However, using HR Intranet Tool you can cut down this time by half. Word of mouth is more reliable than any external job site and with your own LS HR Intranet, you can not only hire the most qualified specialist for in not time but also find out the career aspirations of the potentials hire and employees. So, make the best use of this intranet software and don’t neglect its Jobs Tool.

Check how it works!

Post job description of the specialists you require. In this way all the staff will be updated whom currently is wanted.

Provide colleagues with all vacancy details including region, published day, status and so on.

In this way employees can recommend candidates and download their contacts/curriculum vitae right on the portal.

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