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Forget about SharePoint platform complexity. Meet specially developed LS Intranet CMS panel to deliver best user experience with Office 365 and improve the way teams work and communicate. Intranet SharePoint is the top choice for middle and large size companies to assist employees to collaborate in a synergy in the most secure way.

  • Safe data sharingSafe
    data sharing
  • Different access levelsDifferent
    access levels
  • Easy communicationEasy
  • Task managementTask
  • Workflow routine automationWorkflow routine

To know more about LS Intranet advantages combined with Office 365 capabilities just fill in the form and our specialists will contact you in a suitable time for you.

SharePoint + Office 365 combination
for Your Incompatible Cooperation

LS Intranet Software for Office 365

Check how it works

Survey Intranet Feature | LS Intranet

Submit and fill out surveys to get feedback from team members

Branding intranet feature 1

The interface can be customized according to your personal brand to have a uniform look across all devices for a professional appearance.

Intranet Events Widget | LS Intranet

You’ll find LS Intranet SharePoint has places to keep track of special events such as birthdays or meetings.

SharePoint Intranet also has a place to share knowledge. There is also up to date news updates.

See what your teammates are sharing in the ideas box and insert relevant comments.

SharePoint Intranet by Lizard Soft allows to read requests, and keep on top of all of your documents. Protect access capabilities with safety features.

Streamlined Communication

LS SharePoint Intranet enhances synergy and encourages collaborating in a variety of ways. Communications made easy with file sharing and chat capabilities. Double your team’s productivity on group projects.

Streamlined Communication

Upgraded SharePoint Intranet Branding

Upgraded SharePoint Intranet Branding

With LS exclusive SharePoint branding you can easily customize the interface of your portal across different devices. Save a great many of hours and costs on developers to design by your own worksite look in a branded and magnificent way.

Helpful Intranet SharePoint Lists and Libraries

Team members develop cohesive relationships and see what is going on around the company. Improved sharing and brainstorming means employees can grow their strengths and support each other. Projects become more balanced and organized using SharePoint Intranet.

Business Skype

Use Skype for Business to safely make calls while using Intranet SharePoint. There are many other features designed to optimize communication.

Artificial Intelligence Activated

See how Erl can help your company and the teams working for you. This chatbot is a part of the new digital era and helps to save time in searching for colleagues’ personal data (contacts, documents, and positions), answering queries and complete a vacay request. Employees can now be more productive and spend more time working instead of simple tasks that the chatbot can help with.

Chatbots’ Activated

Microsoft OneDrive


Microsoft OneDrive

Easily backup, store and share documents, images, videos, and even more. Full Office 365 integration with LS Intranet delivers significant productivity increasing and make your document management seamless.

Yammer Integration

SharePoint Intranet has the ability to integrate Yammer, which you can decide whether or not to use. It is one of the world’s leading enterprise social software, and lets you comment on the news, form new ideas, create blogs and surveys.

Department’s Spaces

Employees become more involved with their projects, and engagement improves. Coworkers can create efficient workspaces for teams with SharePoint Intranet where they can communicate, collaborate and resolve issues quickly and work with Office 365 as in general corporate intranet.

No Coding Required

One popular feature is the ability to make websites instantly for various projects or share ideas. These websites are customizable and allow every department to have their own team site.

The intelligent software helps every employee create sites without anyone needing to learn how to code. It helps to eliminate confusion.

Social Networking

Integrate different aspects of social media such as comments and likes. Stay informed of employee’s interests and concerns, and invite employees to talk about important events and news headlines. The program will share metrics and help you to identify what direction to move in.

Search Evolution

Simplify search results with advanced search options in SharePoint Intranet. Employees can hover over the information and learn more, which speeds up research. The internal search feature is very popular and used every day. Find results in directories, company papers, and pages.

Levels of Permissions

Effective Learning with Fun

Train and promote your employees to engage everyone in your business progress. Nothing else involves people in learning about absorbing videos, pictures, and animations. Use Learning Center by LS Intranet based on  SharePoint technology to let employees create their own learning material, share them and collaborate in a brand new way.

Videos can be easily found through Advanced Search, employees’ recommendations or through user subscriptions. In addition, the role-based approach allows set permissions to protect any of learning courses.

Easiest Installation

Intranet SharePoint is set in a week only with the whole customizations, which is faster than most intranet solutions. The installation of SharePoint Intranet process takes about an hour. In a few days, your Intranet will be customized with content and design, Office 365 integrated. Then, your teams can instantly start working.

Mobile Responsiveness

LS SharePoint Intranet cannot avoid highly demanded mobile responsiveness – let your portal look the same on multiple devices: desktop, tablet, mobile. Android and iOS mobile applications both are available to install.

Obviously, SharePoint platform has a great variety of capabilities on the contrary to other business software platforms. However, one of the most significant things is that it strikingly improves staff involvement and participation in company life.

SharePoint intranets have captivated the attention of millions of organizations, as it highly protects corporate data, is absolutely customizable and contains 50+ of options and features.

Let LS Intranet change your workdays reality, simplify workflows with easiest CMS system, feel all the Office 365 advantages, and build a cohesive team. To know more claim your free demo now!

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What our clients say?

Lou Kalis, I.T. Manager
La Crosse Public Library, WI

Flexible, extremely collaborative, educational and always-supportive intranet provider. They always reply quickly and give us the ability to talk with any specialist directly from a sales manager to a developer. Most of our requirements integrated into the intranet portal. So working with this guys is a pleasant experience. They are definitely one of the top 5 providers I’ve ever dealt.

Mariusz Plawecki, Marketing Director
Konica Minolta, Ukraine

We were surprised by a rapid deployment of the solution which took 5 days. With LS Intranet we built a platform that connects staff and helps them to work better together. It is a single channel that reaches all employees and cover top-down communication and bottom-up feedback. Moreover, this platform is not only a place where we can read things but is a tool for doing tasks and running workflows.

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