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Company Intranet Features: Best Practices Collection

LS Intranet was created using the experience and expertise from more than 100 previous intranet deployments. This means that our corporate intranet solution has everything you could possibly need. We understand what businesses require and have created the intranet tool you’ve been looking for.

Workflow Management

Most of your regular administration requests, like booking business trips, vacation days, etc. are easily managed with the Workflow LS Intranet Tool. Once you’ve added your organization’s personal information, it’s as easy as filling out and submitting a pre-populated form. Learn more

Idea Box

Need fresh ideas? Our Talent Search Tool is a fantastic intranet feature that allows your employees to create constructive competition amongst themselves. It’s an opportunity for them to brainstorm ideas, and for someone to come out as the winner. On the corporate side, this is a major opportunity to foster healthy competition amongst colleagues and reward those who create new ideas and efficiencies for the company. Learn more

Advanced Search

Our search function allows your employees to preview documents when searching for something, without wasting time opening each one. Plus, they can locate essential information within seconds. Learn more


Keep everyone up-to-date by taking advantage of the Slider on the front page of your LS Intranet Site. This is a fun intranet feature that facilities showing your employees the most current and important news from the organization. It can be updated as often as required, to keep everyone in the loop. Learn more

People Directory

When you have your own company intranet, this means you can have your own organizational structure created, that will make it quick and easy for anyone within the company to locate pertinent information. This is extremely helpful for new employees and ensures everyone has access to the most updated information. Learn more

File Share

LS Intranet gives your employees the option to work from anywhere, on any device. Start storing your important files in a secure cloud server, and stop worrying about slowing down your computer. Teams can collaborate, share, store and edit their work in the manner that’s most convenient for them. Learn more

Before LS Intranet Features were developed, we knew that every company needs to:

  • Create, edit, approve and publish internal news and communications. Once published, you need to reach certain segments within the organization and facilitate discussion and action based on the information.
  • Quickly search for experts, colleagues, and contacts in a staff directory
  • Use productivity tools, to quickly process requests like vacation days or room bookings
  • Submit online forms for things like expense reports, Help Desk or training requests
  • View upcoming events and important dates in a corporate calendar
  • Collaborate in a community and online workspace by sharing and editing documents, and collaborating on projects.
  • Run workflows and complete tasks
Smart Reports

Track your LS Intranet performance with clear data that is easy to understand through visuals, graphs, and illustrations. You can easily collect data to understand what intranet features and tools are being used the most, what your users like, and what topics are trending within your organization. Learn more

Task Management

Easily automate those daily procedures and processes that are taking up valuable employee time. Quickly assign tasks, monitor deadlines and manage workflows. Learn more

Lists & Libraries

Digital libraries are an extremely useful and time-saving intranet feature. Gather documents, files, policies, procedures and more. Keep everything in one place that is easily accessible and searchable, and maintain control over who can view the information. Learn more


Maintaining a company blog is an essential part of being successful in the digital world. For both internal and external purposes, it’s important to give your company a voice and to create brand awareness. With LS Intranet’s tools and features, you don’t need to use any additional or third-party programs to create and maintain your corporate blog. Learn more


If you have multiple departments or employees, this is one intranet feature your company will definitely appreciate. Within your LS Intranet, you have the option to create microsites — these are smaller, individual pages for people or departments. Learn more


Every company needs to know the opinions of its employees. Typically, administering a survey is a lengthy and time-consuming process. But with our Survey intranet tool, it becomes quick and simple to collect data from your valuable employees. You insert your questions into a pre-populated form, and all your employees can access it and provide their answers. Whether it’s something like obtaining feedback from a recent workshop or collecting opinions on an upcoming organizational change, it’s simple with LS Intranet. Learn more

With LS Intranet, you get a wide range of pre-built tools and intranet features which cover all these needs, and more. The product is evergreen and updates are coming every quarter, so you’ll never be stagnant or lagging behind. Your organization will be at the forefront of the digital workplace movement.


Internal recruitment through recommendations of colleagues can provide you with 30% of all new employees. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll want to set-up your intranet tool to inform employees about new openings, and start offering a referral rewards program. The Job Counter tool creates a win-win environment for both the employees and the organization. Learn more


Don’t waste time jumping from program to program to manage your social media accounts. With our intranet solution, you can publish the corporate blog, share the latest news and see what type of content is getting the best response from your customers. Learn more


Our Mapping intranet tool is ideal for large companies that have multiple branches or locations. Points on an interactive corporate map with additional information will provide all staff with pertinent information they may be looking for: address, name of manager, phone number, working hours and more. Learn more

Employee Spotlight

Take the Idea Box one step further and reward your employees who come up with the best ideas. After launching a competition between your staff to solve a problem, give rewards to the winners. It’s a great way to set the right example for other employees, and foster a team environment. As a result, you’ll have greater motivation and productivity from your staff. Learn more


Keep employees informed about upcoming events and important dates. Let them plan their schedule for the next day, week or month in a cohesive manner that works for everyone. Learn more


Celebrate each employee’s birthday and encourage people to send birthday wishes, much like they do on Facebook. No one’s birthday will pass by unnoticed, and even people working remotely can participate. This is an intranet feature that shows employees they are valued. Learn more


LS Intranet Branding Tool allows creating a portal in your corporate personalized style. Make your team feel comfortable with the intuitive digital workplace. Learn more

My Dashboard

Monitor work progress, manage vacation time, watch personal KPI and create own favorites of videos, docs, and links at personal LS Intranet Dashboard Tool. Learn more

Security & Permissions

Easily provide different levels of permissions for protecting your business from data leakage with LS Intranet Security & Permissions Tool. Learn more

Chatbot Erl

Experience AI advantages – let Chatbot Erl assist your common workflows such as getting required colleagues’ contacts, searching for policies and product data or submitting vacay requests. Explore new user experience to streamline your working routine. Learn more

Learning Center Tool

Learn everything you need to develop and grow right from your working place, get a complete education through corporate curses which are now accessible through corporate Learning Center Tool. Let your staff improve their skills every day! Learn more

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