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Our Office 365 Intranet Solution Will Bring Your Company’s Collaboration to an Entirely New Level

LS Intranet is a digital workplace, where employees can easily communicate and collaborate with each other. It’s your own corporate intranet that facilitates multiple employees collaborating on projects, and working in synergy. It’s a great opportunity to pull your people together and develop those cohesive relationships. Take more from your Office 365 with SharePoint intranet solution by Lizard Soft and double your team productivity!

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Artificial Intelligence Implemented

Ask our consultants how LS Intranet chatbot Erl can help your team with usual tasks every day

Digitize Your Business Collaboration Environment

LS Intranet Software for Office 365

LS Intranet and Office 365 is the best digital workplace solution for any middle and large size companies and here is why
When an organization has the ability to house all of their administrative and project management tasks and duties in one convenient place, the overall efficiency, and productivity of the entire organization will experience significant growth. That’s why we have created the best practices SharePoint intranet solution. LS Intranet will give your organization the tools and systems it needs to be more efficient, productive and lean.

LS Intranet Benefits


1+ Week Complete Product Launch

You’ll be Up and Run in One Week

According to the Nielsen Norman Group’s research, creating a new company intranet takes 17 months, on average. With LS Intranet, you can launch your digital workplace in ONE week. The on-site installation process takes less than an hour, and you will be able to complete the program customization and content uploading within a few days. It’s that easy.

Yammer Integration From the Box

Love Yammer? Our Intranet Solution Integrates Perfectly

During your installation process, you can choose one of two options: with Yammer integration or without. If you are a fan of the world’s leading Enterprise Social Software Yammer, you’ll be impressed with the level of integration. This includes commenting on news, forming new ideas, blogs, and surveys.

If you’re currently using SharePoint and want to stick with that, we’ve got an option to use SharePoint based social features without Yammer. It’s your choice.

Artificial Intelligence at Your Service

Meet our chatbot, Erl to perform your basic routine office activities. Watch how intranet takes the most of the usual everyday work from your employees so they can spend more time for professional duties becoming more productive.

User-friendly Workflow and Task Management Tool

Fewer Employee Hours Wasted On Admin Work

LS intranet allows you to significantly reduce time spent on performing regular employee administrative tasks. You can have applications approved in 5 minutes, instead of 5 days. Requests for things like business trips, vacation time, repairs, maintenance, booking meeting rooms, mail & courier, expense and overtime submissions, and even technical support will now be a quick and easy process. With your own company intranet SharePoint, you’ll be able to launch new request services for employees in 30 minutes!

Ideation for the Brilliant Suggestions

Foster Brilliance in the Workplace

When you encourage your employees to actively participate in the development of the entire company, something magical occurs. When employees are encouraged and invited to contribute to problem-solving and improving business processes, they will become your company’s biggest asset. There is always someone who sees first-hand how to improve business processes or get more while spending less. Having your own best practices corporate intranet software is the ideal way to collect these ideas, so you can actually use them. The tool for this, that comes with the LS Intranet portal, is called the Idea Box tool. It serves to promote, share and recognize the best ideas that can be implemented to have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

60% Employee Engagement Rate Among Our Customers

They Really Like It!

LS Intranet has changed the way people view corporate intranets. Historically, they often became useless and outdated. Our intranet solution brings the best of both worlds together. It serves the corporate interests, while simultaneously serving the needs and wants of the employees in this new digital world. According to our own client feedback, more than 60% of employees are actively using their new LS Intranet.

Ready to move forward?

Our consultants will present our LS Intranet software with all the functions and benefits.

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LS Intranet Tools

Task Manager

Automate day-to-day simple business processes in your company or department. Assign tasks easily, set

deadlines and decide which projects take priority. >>>

Social Newsfeed

With our intranet solution, you won’t have to have an additional program to manage your social media anymore. You can share

your company’s latest news, and monitor your likes, comments, mentions and shares. Stay engaged with your customers, to help your business grow. >>>


One feature everyone loves about our corporate intranet solution is that you can quickly and easily create a department or

personal pages as needed. We call them microsites, as it’s a site within your main company intranet. If you have multiple departments or employees with specialties, this feature is extremely useful. >>>

Advanced Search Tool

Find employee and team member contact information in seconds! Or, easily and quickly search through documents to find

exactly what you need. The ability to preview documents without having to open them makes it even faster. >>>

People Directory

Having your own company intranet with LS Intranet software means that you can easily create and update

an organizational structure that is easily searchable, with all corporate team members’ personal profiles. This helps new hires and simplifies communication within the company. >>>

File Share

Stop bogging down your computers with countless files. With LS Intranet, you can store all your files on a secure cloud

server at no additional cost. You’ll have access to them anywhere, on any device. You can share, edit and work from anywhere. >>>

High Intranet Consumption Rate

51 Tools and Features are Available in our Digital Workplace Solution
33 Thousand Users - Our Largest Customer
11 Professional Developers Make LS Intranet Better Every Day

Our Satisfied Customers

What Our Clients Say

A few words about What intranet actually is

Intranet (digital workplace) – is a local corporate portal owned by an organization, which does not depend on intranet publicity. It is a one-stop solution which includes all the necessary options to provide informational, social and business operation needs in a secure digital environment.

In other words, Office 365 intranet is a place, where your employees work, communicate, read news and articles, share information (files), plan events, comment, manage projects, initiate improvements and many other activities, which integrate and connect them with their team and the contributors who can jointly influence the company.

Why is company intranet solution so important?

Establishments are fully aware that when too many people are part of the same internet interface it causes the delay in many establishment-wide actions. To regulate and alleviate this worry, company intranet software has facilities which contribute in eliminating internet problems.

The best part is that you can adjust and maintain the system accordingly to your requirements and as per your workforce. With this portal, companies can make the same template for everybody, which allows all the workers to operate in sync and simultaneously.

Here are some notable points of SharePoint intranet software and its attributes:

Facilitates Docs and data sharing with ease
With own digital workplace, employees are enabled to forward and receive files and information without the hassle of logging into emails. This makes it easier for the employees as they won’t have to fret over whether they sent the right email or attaining viruses when receiving files. The messages will also remain detectable. Furthermore, with the help of this software the user can address a file with the most recent document and the software will have updated that for everybody.

Eases communication and fosters collaboration
Companies often stay away from hiring people a little out of their way as it may cause unwanted stress. However, with Office 365 integrated into an intranet, it is not obligatory for every worker to be in the office. If a worker is constantly checking an alert, then they will receive the messages instantly. This makes it easier for virtual workers to stay connected and receive documents from the organization. One of the principal purposes of a company intranet solution is to make sure all workers are connected and collaborative. With efficient messaging and file transfer services, employees can send their ideas and plan without hesitation.

Creates a friendly environment
For any establishment, one of the best intranet solutions is ensuring workers are comfortable altogether. Through a digital workplace, each of your employees has the opportunity to know another worker at the individual level. This is beneficial as it will create a healthy and friendly working environment for everybody.

Encourages solution based discussions
To build an adequate company intranet solutions, coworkers have to be open towards the ideas of each other and should be provided a fair forum. When Office 365 and SharePoint intranet software is put to use, it allows workers to operate most efficiently and come up with better solutions faster.

If you understand the value of corporate culture and strive to significantly raise your business productivity, then a holistic digital workplace will be the best choice solution for your company!

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