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Use LS Intranet Libraries to Find Any Corporate Information in Minutes

Commonly used to find data conveniently, LS Intranet Lists & Libraries is an intranet tool that can be utilized to attain quick access to simple and labeled data.

It can be one of the most advantageous tools for employee intranet that achieves higher productivity and efficiency.


A lot of valuable working time lost by the employees due to the deprivation of explicit corporate information can be saved. Lists and Libraries will be your number one solution to technical difficulties such as an overspill of unnecessary or poorly organized data.

Allowing you to amend necessary and vital information and place it on the intranet first page, the company along with its employees can achieve a higher degree of proficiency and effectiveness.

With Lists and Libraries, you can save precious volumes of time and profits.

Make data
to find

Consuming a lot of time, data onto a company intranet network can often be scattered and hard to find. Lists and Libraries can help you categorize and consolidate the heap of words in your database. It can also handle other libraries like documents, pictures, videos etc.

Employees can dedicate their valuable time working on official assignments and important tasks rather than wasting it on organizing a workplace.

Provide an access
to the certain individuals

Passing the right information to the right people from a database can occasionally be tedious and inaccurate. With LS Intranet Lists & Libraries, access to the up-to-date versions of financial content, onboard forms, photos, videos, and other essential data can be easily sent to the related people.

The certain confidential material is always secure as Lists and Libraries take care of everything. Authorization to particular individuals about certain content is clear with the intranet library.


Employees might need information on the go when shifting from different areas of or outside the workplace. Accessible from any mobile device, Lists and Libraries makes it convenient to transfer necessary data from one device or office to another.

You can also use it to inform people about corporate activities or to ensure you are in touch with your employees from a distance.

Although it is the most simple and ordinary asset in your collection of resources, LS Intranet Lists and Libraries will ease up any core activity in a contemporary business firm. As you begin your intranet trek, don’t forget to organize your Lists and Libraries.

Check how it works!

You don’t need check documents/policies for updates, widgets show 10 latest documents that were uploaded to the library

Easily add a new document and assign its type as it requires to be.

Look for Docs using different filters such as type, category, the date of its creation and author name.

View which modifications were made and who revised corrections in the form of the list.

A convenient search inside the library will assist you quickly find the information you need.

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