Intranet Idea
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Users can generate and discuss new ideas within the company

Idea Management by LS Intranet Idea Box Tool

A resource useful for any firm or company, the Idea Management feature by the LS Intranet Idea Box Tool is a valuable instrument.

Idea management is crucial for your business as it ensures your workplace does not lose any valuable idea.

With a simple company suggestion box, it gives you a basic and user-friendly tool option to assist you and your staff collaborate, share thoughts and work towards the organization goals.

Easy to share

A simple social highlight for every individual, LS Intranet Idea Management helps every member of your team. Anyone who delays in independence can see cases of his more active partners, and share his thought without a startle or any questions.


The employee recommendation box is a wonderful establishment for workers’ engagement. Through engagement coworkers can express prepared thoughts and fleeting thoughts at any time of the day, capturing each important idea.

Workers feel

The LS Intranet Idea Box Tool gives you quick feedback through likes and comments. The contributor can get feedback or constructive criticism or encouragement or all from their colleagues.

Having an open apparatus helps ease communication and helps with the organization’s advancement. In the process, employees get a chance to contribute and enhance self-assessment.


Employees have practical insight on workplace measures, sometimes more than the management.

Particularly with issues related to customer satisfaction and inconveniences employee feedback can help provide desired changes or additions to the workplace.

With the employee suggestion box, the entire staff can select thoughts, vote in favor of them, and help the company execute the best choices.

This is the least expensive and arguably the most rewarding path for the administration to get proper business thoughts. The thoughts, which will enhance all the organization forms, including things like incomplete projects, employee questions and beyond.


Through the company suggestion box employees can be candid while sharing their thoughts and apprehensions, working together and competing together.

The contribution of each individual towards business development can be monitored and rewarded with the Employee Spotlight Tool.

Start looking for solutions within your organization with the help of the Idea Management by the LS Intranet Idea Box Tool and its employee suggestion box and company suggestion box feature.

Be prepared to increase productivity and reward valuable contributions.

Check how it works!

Easily add new ideas, select categories and share them with all colleagues.

You can see the ideas sorted by BEST/NEW/IN PROGRESS statuses.

Just create an unlimited number of different categories of ideas.

Choose the category of ideas and the number of points required to be sent to managers for approval.

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