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Having analyzed all our clients from bank industry experience we have understood which exactly intranet options and applications can benefit intranet banking system. As every financial institution has its own software technology via all its department’s work every day, a separate bank has own specific requirements and demands. LS Intranet for Banks can satisfy all the needs including:

  • Safe data sharingSafe
    data sharing
  • Different access levelsDifferent
    access levels
  • Easy communicationEasy
  • Task managementTask
  • Workflow routine automationWorkflow routine

To know more about LS Intranet advantages for banks and other financial organizations just fill in the form and our specialists will contact you in a suitable time for you.

The most important advantages LS Intranet
brings for a bank

LS Intranet Software for Office 365

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Survey Intranet Feature | LS Intranet

Arrange polls or voting on any topics among employees. LS Intranet Survey Tool will help to find out opinions quick by involving all the team members. Analyze the results on the go.

Intranet Feature for Employees | LS Intranet

All your team is right here. Just click on the avatar and get required information with Our Team LS Intranet widget.

Intranet Events Widget | LS Intranet

All the important company events are available to check. LS Intranet Calendar tool shows what will happen today this week or month in the corporate life.

Docs, Policies and Procedure Management

With intranet tools, your bank employees will get an opportunity to have always at hand correct and latest documents, procedure and policy management. Such options as Docs reading, editing and commenting will allow everyone simultaneously look through the files to agree on any arising question on an urgent basis.

bank intranet

banking software

Levels of Permissions

Provide strict control for all users of your bank intranet. This is a great instrument for you to give rights for making changes in policies and regulations only by responsive persons.

Read and Agree Option for Docs

There are situations when the bank policies must be surely read by the employees. For these cases, Docs Read and Agree Option offers team members to check their emails and mark the files which must be seen as “read and agreed” to ascertain that no one won’t be aside from the changes happening. Intranet admin can also easily set reminders for those persons who didn’t manage to open and read forwarded documents on the emails.

corporate intranet

intranet banking

Docs Review

Reviewing dates of each document, policy, regulation etc. will help you be assured that specific file is reviewed and updated appropriately. In this way misunderstanding with the possible problem of staff using the old documentation will be avoided.

Streamline Procedures with Workflows Tool

Instead of using old, manual and alongside an unuseful system for routine tasks your staff can easily arrange their working processes with Workflow Tool. It’s a hilarious benefit for all the staff to let them automate their workflows, saving time for more serious tasks.

Data processing automation fastens the work of all the priority departments, such as administrative, financial and accounting ones. An employee can easily add required triggers on the forms. For example, when the clerk fills out the report for expenses and the sum of the dollars he is attempting to claim is more than a particular amount, you can add a trigger which will request for an additional explanation.

banking software

intranet banking

People Directory & Employee Profiles

Banks often have different sectors and a great quantity of part-time personnel for seasonal work. So it is really hard for them to monitor who is who and who works where. But with the help of own People Directory Tool, you see every worker location at intranet banking software.

At People directory feature you can easily find out a necessary worker in departments section. In private worker’s profile contains his full name, position, phone number and email.This is a highly useful tool when working with a variety of chains of responsible persons that bank industry mostly does.

Data Security

Now, thanks to Microsoft SharePoint platform for Intranets, the bank institutions may not worry about their confidential information anymore. As being even in a cloud LS banking software is reliably protected from any cyber-attack. The latest SSL encryption technology of intranet banking completely cares about information security. So your bank can easily keep/share any valuable data (doc, .xlsx, .pdf., videos, pictures, gifs etc.) at charity accounting software.

Intranet for Banks

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What our clients say?

Tomasz Wisniewski,
Deputy CEO, Chief Operating Officer

Renessans Kredit Bank

LS Intranet portal allowed us to resolve numerous tasks regarding internal communications. Thanks to a deep business analysis and competent recommendations we have successfully implemented a new powerful solution. We cannot imagine our further working days without intranet. Thank you for your attentiveness, professionally and high performance!

Tatiana Butenko, Deputy Head of IT Development Division
Raiffeisen Bank Aval

We have been working with very tight deadlines for code delivery and Lizard Soft specialists have performed admirably. In all situations, they have performed well and delivered high-quality service according to the promises and ability to propose creative solutions to complex user requests has been invaluable. We would like to express our appreciation of Lizard Soft services. The contributions you have made over the past year to our business processes automation have been invaluable to us.

Katarzyna Grajewska, Executive Vice President
Alfa Bank

Simple and quick access to information, convenient search, commenting and backward communication – all that simplified the work of bank employees, reduced the time for obtaining data and improved the efficiency of the Bank’s retail network.
With the new solution, work with information is easier, more convenient, more efficient, clearer and faster! Thank you guys for your reliable job!

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