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Publish learning video and other files, track impressions,
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Train all Your Employees in One Place

To get an office up and running, all the HR members must be qualified and capable to provide the necessary staff development training and support.

LS Intranet Learning Center Tool is a highly specialized intranet feature that serves as a platform for all your employees to attain the training and knowledge they need from one singular source. It’s also very inexpensive and accessible to all.


Since the learning center tool has a full data storage, your workers won’t have to spend unnecessary time searching for baseless information or guidelines. This tool will narrow down your search so that information on all essential items/fields/spheres can be determined with ease.

Furthermore, employees will be provided with a costless chance to learn more about any other company topic and how it works. Simply by logging into the Learning Center, employees can select suitable subscriptions and get into study mode. This can be accessed with either Google, Facebook or Office 365 accounts.

Cut Down
the Cost

No more money wasted on training. With the Learning Center, your workers are honing their skills at a low cost and experienced workers can even create their own courses to put their skills into practical use.


Information in this hub can be in any form, so it’s highly flexible and data can be effortlessly uploaded and categorized. Files like videos, pictures, gifs, docs and pdfs are organized in an administrative panel where data is easily managed.

Accessibility Guidelines
and Rules

What’s that? Well, once an employee transfers his/her video and then generates a course (either singular or a series), they can decide who is allowed to have access to that course. If the course is set as private, only particular people with permission are able to access it, but in the public setting, anyone can make use of the course.


This platform will also enable your employees to get acquainted with their colleagues, discover their co-worker’s skills or expertise and find the contact info of the needed worker in order to help resolve any issue. It’s a great hub for staff to socialize and build their sense of cooperation and community.

Through this feature, you can even inspire your colleagues by sharing their knowledge with all the team member, which will promote motivated and diligent work ethics so that your business moves ahead and sales increase.


Each personnel has their own solid skills and knowledge. So, the Learning Center provides them a place to share valuable tips and tricks. Shorter courses on daily work hacks or advice on normal business workflows can also be created.

This tool enables the worker to stimulate their knowledge and skills so that each employee can reach their full potential. Employees can enhance their skills in new specializations and may even qualify for promotion through self-study.

Check how it works!

Create a course or series of courses, united by one idea in a few clicks and make them available to all the employees or only certain teams and users.

It’s really easy and quick to create articles – just download illustrations, video and audio that would make your material interesting and informative. No necessity to be technician as a rep of any specialty can handle this.

Courses subscription is an effective way to receive useful knowledge namely about your company operations.

Share training documents with the colleagues who are interested in them.

Get feedbacks from subscribers via likes & comments.

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