Intranet Security
and Permissions Tool

4 different types of permissions and access

Provide Levels of Permissions with LS Intranet Security & Permissions Feature

Corporate data security is one of the most important tasks intranet solution can easily handle for business. Namely intranet access of different levels will secure your company from any potential data leakage.

Let’s take a closer look at how it actually works and which challenges
LS Intranet Security & Permissions tackles:

to use

With the time of using the corporate portal, you’ll discover how much of content there will be collected. So, over time some type of content will be required to be accessible for one group of people and restricted for the others.

With LS Intranet Permissions you can easily mask content which isn’t proper for one user of the group while taking care of your corporate portal cleanliness and navigation easiness.

Set corporate

Every company has huge amounts of corporate data, which must be always available for one level of responsive employees, while other workers have to be absolutely unaware due to the specified level of sensitivity.

Thanks to LS Intranet Security you’ll quickly establish permission at all stages of your corporate hierarchy and don’t worry about data leakage anymore.

Provide different levels
of permissions

You can easily create and manage levels of intranet access in 4 different types of LS Intranet Permissions: people and groups, site permissions, site collection administrators and site app permissions.

For example, when created any new Microsite’s group, the set of definite group permissions is automatically set up. So the group of such users will be divided into 3 levels of permissions: for visitors, members, and owners.

The levels of each intranet permission ensure every user with the different range of appropriate options such as for opening, viewing, editing Doc. and others according to assigned user’s rights.

Employees’ involvement

Workers feel themselves more open and enthusiastic when they discuss any arising task in a small group as they listen to each other, can ask for advice, not to be mocked and inspired for offering new original ideas.

Secure Microsoft
data safety

Despite the fact that most of the intranet content is located in the Cloud, being built on Microsoft SharePoint technology, LS Intranet guarantees each organization its corporate data security and prevents from any impending threats.

So now you’re aware of how beneficial LS Intranet Security for each organization is and how you can keep your corporate data safety, employees responsive for their working documents and governance policies absolutely clear for all your staff.

Not all Intranet software have such a similar internal advanced search engine feature, which enables you and your staff to work not only productively but also efficiently and with minimum time expenditure.

Check how it works!

Set permissions for various portal user’s roles (administrators, departments, content editors, hr managers, moderators or users) based on different levels (full control, edit, design, or read).

Create groups and specify the permission level that you want members of this group to have to defined site or content.

Add new members to the group and assign content editors for any of material – article, file, video etc. to manage site content in the best manner.

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