How to Choose the Best Features for Your Product - 1st part

How to Choose the Best Features for Your Product – 1st part

The art of prioritizing is encapsulated in the feature development process with competency and time being the crucial foundation of the process. The development process involves honing your skills and time to develop features to avoid miscalculations. The question is, how can you decide on the evaluation criteria required for your product while striving to […]

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free online collaboration tools

The Secrets of Creating a Powerful Collaborative & Interactive Workplace System

The old dusty intranets were avenues for dumping content and documents. They didn’t provide an ample platform for interaction and collaboration among employees. Advancements from the social enterprise networks (ESNs) to the modern powerful free intranet collaboration tools have paved the way for the digital workplace. When building or installing an online collaboration tool for [...] Read more
intranet collaboration software

5 Effective Hacks on How to Motivate Employees to Read Your Corporate News

With tons of tasks to accomplish, workers detest distractions that could waste their valuable work time. Any notification that seems misplaced lands on the recycle bin right away.  As the information manager, your goal to make sure that messages get read by each of your targeted audience. While the intranet collaboration software is the simplest [...] Read more
internal intranet software

5 Super Ingredients for Bolstering Employee Engagement

Managers are the happiest when they realize that the workforce is investing in the company. Disenfranchised employees are uncommitted and unmotivated culminating into low productivity and consequently losses. With technology, bring up together dispersed workforce is much easier especially with the use of an internal intranet system. Years of experience in the industry has enabled [...] Read more
Pros and cons of a SharePoint intranet

The Benefits & Downsides of Using Microsoft’s SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint alongside O365 is ultimately a venerable intranet platform. Early developments of systems that promote collaboration among employees emanated from Microsoft. In fact, for the past decade, workplace interaction and collaboration systems built from SharePoint’s platform have emerged as the best. However, companies advancing SharePoint alternatives united together with ungratified users have expressed their sour [...] Read more

How to Build Intranet Sites – Team Sites vs Task Oriented Sites

Every organization has divisions segmented according to their functions and roles. Most of these units are mutually interdependent and employees at some point are required to fill forms, attend events or training lessons prepared by another department. Traditionally, the process of synchronizing the duties of all divisions to achieve shared objectives and vision was irksome. [...] Read more
corporate intranet software

Future Tech Trends and Their Implications for Businesses

The world is about to hit a new age of technology that comes forth with fortunes as well as misfortunes for businesses. The 5G era is almost here with us and it will impact greatly on the costs of doing business and the efficiency of conducting operations. ISP’s are eyeing on returning to supreme court [...] Read more

Keeping Teams Informed – Tidbits That Make Intranet Business Software Geared For Communication

Business intranet software proffers exquisite features that foster interaction among various people, teams, and groups in the organization. The organization must keep prospects, partners, and workforce abreast with current trends. That implies leveraging a secure interaction and cooperation platform to create blogs, whitepapers, and other informative pieces. Most businesses operate by five principles: cost, productivity, [...] Read more
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