task management tool

The Power of the Intranet as Project Organizing, Managing & Controlling Tool

Intranet gives your company a myriad of possibilities that help in enriching your team. The platform turns out to be even more interesting when you have a couple of teams that are working on several programs. Inside the intranet platform admins can develop a project management sites where multiple groups can work harmoniously thus ensuring [...] Read more
people directory tool

What You Didn’t Know of People Directory Tool

Have you ever wondered how to respond to issues because you don’t know to whom can you direct the issue? Or have you ever asked the right question the wrong manager? In large organizations running many offices and departments, working via the intranet can be complex if teams can’t identify one another. Organizations are looking [...] Read more
intranet providers

Which SaaS Tenancy is More Powerful Single or Multi-Tenant Architecture?

Even with years of constructive debates, the tech industry has never agreed on which SaaS tenancy system is robust and applicable across a spectrum of businesses. A multi-tenant architecture means that a single software serves several groups of customers while a single-tenant system represents a design whereby a single software serves one customer. Multi-tenancy architecture [...] Read more
Intranet Alternative

Axero/Communifire Intranet Solution Alternative

Meet worthy Axero/Communifire Intranet Solution Alternative - LS Intranet Software You want to get a secure digital workplace for your company but cannot afford expensive intranet software and are looking for a deserving Axero/Communifire Solution Alternative. Then you should try LS Intranet – business solution which is cheaper than wide popular ones and offers, even [...] Read more
Intranet Alternative

MyHub Intranet Alternative

Use LS Intranet software as the most relevant MyHub alternative Get a full package of business capabilities with our innovative product LS Intranet which is great MyHub alternative. Being groundbreaker in developing new approaches for companies’ prosperity and unity, we embed more and more features including Chatbots’, Multilingual functionality and 24-hour Customer support assistance. LS [...] Read more
collaborative intranet

Microsoft’s Throne: The Realm of Chat Apps

Microsoft is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to workplace technology as its popular brands (Windows OS and Microsoft Office) are used by millions of people across the world. The tech giant has shown its resilience in the industry through engineering of products that meet consumers’ needs. Microsoft has vehemently influenced the corporate sector [...] Read more
6 Lessons to Learn From Firing Your Top Developer

6 Lessons to Learn From Firing Your Top Developer

Some lessons are best learned from other people’s experiences, and with the positive responses that this story has elicited, it is best that we highlight it as well. Recently was published a notorious article entitled "We fired the most talented employee. It's the best decision we've ever made." It has obtained so many positive responses [...] Read more
advantages and disadvantages of intranet

Overcoming Intranet Challenges

While intranets are impeccable collaboration tools that can shift the way operations and interactions are carried out in ideal working environments, like any other software they have their shortcomings. Disadvantages of intranet may differ from one market to another because of the dynamism that exists between corporations. Today, we’ll focus on four major drawbacks of [...] Read more
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