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Integrating the Power of Office 365 and the Strength of Intranets

In a competitive environment, when you want to stay upfront and maintain your stamina for a substantial amount of time, you’ve to be innovative and use hi-tech tools to power up your processes. Modern organizations have fewer workforce teams seated behind desktops. Most employees either work remotely or they’re on the move trying to increase [...] Read more
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How Secure are Intranets? Learning from the Market Leaders

As we embrace the power of social technologies, we should be cautious of how secure information sharing across various channels is. Data breaches and leaks of personal info are becoming so rampant that even the best intranet sites are warning their clients about the best security practices for their collaboration tools. What’s peculiar with these [...] Read more
best online collaboration tools

What Your Enterprise Has Been Missing: Online Collaboration

Grasping volatile leads and edging through the competitive market means pulling out an extraordinary strategy. Stay on top of the industry by connecting and harmonizing your in-house and remote teams in one digital space. Online team collaboration is the key to success in the marketing, IT and administration departments. You need a system that enhances [...] Read more
cloud collaboration tools

Cloud-Based Intranet: is It Worth Your Investment?

Should I trust third-parties with my company’s confidential information? What about initial capital expenditure? Which one is a cost-effective option: owning or renting the intranet software? Businesses require different needs, and the choice of on-site intranet systems over cloud-based ones is influenced by several factors. Enterprises moving to the cloud have their own reasons too. [...] Read more
document collaboration tools

Why Using Shared Drive Has Been Outpaced by Technology

We would all want to cut down on intranet costs by circumventing the use of paid document collaboration tools by leveraging free options such as using a shared drive to exchange documents. Shared drives are essential where the information shared is not sensitive. It shouldn’t also be used as the epicenter of exchanging every file. [...] Read more
collaboration tools for business

Fundamental Pillars of Business Social Collaboration Schemes

In the context of business, collaboration between the workforce implies sharing of knowledge and documents within a single portal in real-time. This translates to smooth workflow system and efficiency across departments located in diverse geographical jurisdictions. Collaboration tools for business come at a time when enterprises need to increase connectivity and interactions among employees for [...] Read more
The Essence of Building a Team Site/Communication Site in SharePoint

The Essence of Building a Team Site/Communication Site in SharePoint

With SharePoint communication site, those crews working for the same goals can get updates, information, and applications that are vital for the realization of the goals. SharePoint brings all your teams together ensuring that they share knowledge and vital documents to foster management of projects. The platform is diverse, and you can’t just hop into [...] Read more
best intranet software

Settling for the Best Intranet Software

Today, we’re not going to discuss if you should develop your intranet system or go for a cloud-based platform where a third party undertakes system upgrades, configurations, and updates. We’ll instead focus on how you can filter out bogus intranet software companies and go for the most promising ones. Note that what is ideal for [...] Read more
best collaboration tools

Ways in Which SharePoint is Fostering Cooperation Among Workforce Teams

The subject about the imperativeness of establishing an intranet platform for connecting teams working in different offices and jurisdictions has been with us for a while. Microsoft introduced SharePoint, and it has proven to be one of the best collaboration tools one can find in the market today. The best part of this workplace interaction [...] Read more
SharePoint intranet features

Best Bets for Achieving a Vibrant SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint has stood the test of time, and in fact, it is one of the earlier forms of collaboration tools within the workplace that continue to rule the industry. It had a slow growth for a couple of years until its renaissance when they released SharePoint 2016 which comes with both workplace management and collaboration [...] Read more
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