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Agencies or a multinational corporation having teams in Asia, Europe or even Africa can now connect and share useful insights, regardless of their diverse languages with Multilanguage Tool.

The tool infuses intranet portal with multilingual capabilities allowing teams members speaking different languages to use the tool and connect with one another.


It enables localization of the all the portal’s features to make it apt for the local marketplace. Managers don’t have to worry about leveraging freelancers or remote employees as the LS Intranet portal Multilanguage Tool will let them connect smoothly.

The tool brings together employees stratified across various countries of the world. It makes the teams hanker for get-togethers to interact with their colleagues to share cultures. It builds a unified workplace culture as it converges people with different backgrounds on the LS Intranet portal.

With 1:1 machine translation, the LS Intranet Multilingual Tool enables companies to hire remote agents speaking different languages. The tool allows the workforce to use the portal effortlessly as dashboard features are automatically translated to their language of choice.

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