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Online chat to ask help/assistance about the intranet

The LS Intranet support chat tool provides seamless collaboration among the workforce ensuring that questions get timely answers. With LS Intranet support chat service everyone in the organization can get instant help as they can direct their queries to the right people.

Save More
Work Hours

Our intranet support chat service slashes time that teams typically use in emailing queries. Managers and employees alike can save lots of hours by getting instant and professional feedback whenever they require assistance.

The LS Intranet support chat is unique as it integrates with any interface different users are using.


It is always a stressful work to go around the department reminding everyone about their work and to find the right person for confirmations before due dates.

With LS Intranet Workflow Management Tool you can avoid the stress and allocate responsibilities to people for your contacts, and assign designated tasks.


Every employee should have a customized form depending on their requirements. You can customize forms by changing fonts, adding graphics and HTML codes for better conventionality.


For easier usage, you can set permission rights for your Intranet Workflow by outlining the right for your users.

Through this, you will be able to display your information to those you want to and hide them from the others. Your actions and processes will be confidential.


A modern robotic approach is a really innovative one. But intranet users don’t require pre-planned scenarios, they need help with specifically their problems. Far not every common question has a usual answer. As every corporation has own integrated options and features in accordance with their needs, the only personalized approach can help discover an effective solution.

LS Intranet Support chat with personalization greatly improves user experience and assists in fast intranet learning.


Answering complex technical questions about business software is a challenge for intranet providers. But we guarantee you and your company a personal approach with the help of support chat. Instantly after getting a ticket, it will be addressed to the responsible specialist (and usually IT manager as we provide a technical solution).


This chat service ensures that teams get solutions anywhere using any device. It works well with omnichannel systems allowing you to pull conversations and discussions in your PC to your mobile intranet portal with ease.

Committing to the LS Intranet Workflow Management software will not only save you abundant time but will also save money. Also, it will guide you in developing more efficient and beneficial corporate processes that will assist you in surpassing your colleagues.

Check how it works!

Instantly ask for advice on the intranet item without leaving your company portal or get acquainted with the tutorials and instructions with the Helpdesk assistance.

The LS Helpdesk tutorials are clear to show all the aspects of working on the intranet and will make your work most pleasant and easy.

Round-the-clock support on the official website will provide you with answers online for any inquiry you may have.

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