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An intranet is a private network created for only one organization. It doesn’t matter at which types or sized (for small 20 mates or 500-2000 thousands staff of employees) of companies it’s integrated into. Is connections only through the Internet. Intranet has numerous goals but the main are data storage and sharing info among team members.

The major purpose is to deliver corporate data for employees, streamline communication and improve work efficiency with an additional set of tools. This toolset greatly varies and depends on the company’s type and size, its business objectives, established communications, required social options etc. For example, nonprofit or charity organizations require extremely collaborative, informational and supportive intranet provider. While banks mostly need to ensure  data security and permission levels .

The Internet is a public place, where everyone can publish, comment or simply read data freely posted on any of the sites.

An Intranet is a private network accessible only for the users with installed intranet solution and internet connection.

An extranet is in fact intranet, but it can be accessed by authorized users such as partners, customers, suppliers, vendors, and others to get specific data.

Social intranet is in some way a concept of social networking, which helps employees build relationships in the digital space.

There are 3 basic social intranet concepts:

  • Authorship – an opportunity for all users to create and publish content;
  • Connection – now you can see the authors, and build cooperative relations;
  • Communication – everyone can like, comment and discuss all updates inside the portal.

Intranet software includes a great number of possible options, features and additions.

But we would select 5 most commonly asked tools:

  1. Calendar – helps schedule working hours and sync with company events/meeting.
  2. Employee’s Directory – to find colleagues’ contacts and other data easily and quickly.
  3. File Share – allows safe documents storing in the cloud that can be shared and edited online.
  4. Slider – visualize important company data: events/meetings/aims and objectives.
  5. Newsfeed – to share corporate news and their discussion.

At first sight, they all seem too simple. However, their power is in this simplicity. Be it small, middle or big, any company will surely needs these options.

There are 6 fundamental aims of the intranet:

  1. Access corporate information
  2. Secure data storage
  3. Provide communication tool
  4. Stimulate collaboration
  5. Support work culture
  6. Create capabilities for high productivity

All the company opportunities can be greatly enlarged with any of intranet additions thus improving the work environment and team building.

You have to answer the following questions:

  • Who is the end user of the intranet?
  • What do they need and how they usually cooperate at work?
  • Why will employees use intranet?

To answer all these questions you should conduct interviews/surveys to get staff’s feedback. The more open and sincere results will be, the more chances you can create a popular portal.

Yes, they should have intranet and here’s why:

Despite the size of the company, a number of employees, the intranet can be useful for both small companies and big ones. For example, some employees of one organization work in the office while others are remote, and even are freelancers from different countries.

Work on mutual projects can be streamlined by one portal that allows free communication, where everyone can chat, share news, comment them and discuss with the whole team.

So, in this way:

  • Remote workers won’t omit any important detail about the project or latest company updates
  • Employees will always have reliable channels to connect with colleagues
  • You will build a collaborative team
  • You can grow business and work without boundaries
  • Get all common work programs in one place such as calendar, task management, newsfeed, surveys, photo gallery, file share and a lot of others in one digital place.

No, it shouldn’t be named.

There’s no strict requirement or necessity to name intranet. But to build more personal intranet and strengthen corporate culture its better to denominate your corporate portal. If you haven’t branded your intranet yet, a good way to engage your workers is to create a poll and let the community to make their suggestions and vote on a company name.

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