intranet advantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Intranet for Businesses

The intranet is a computer-based network devised so that people can easily and efficiently distribute data and information among colleagues Internet facilities. LS Intranet has advantages like it enables users to share diverse kinds of data, transmit files and creates a corporate information repository for all authorized users to access. It functions using a web [...] Read more
SharePoint Intranet Development: 10 Advises to Get Perfection

SharePoint Intranet Development: 10 Advises to Get Perfection

Microsoft SharePoint is said to be most attractive and efficient intranet development solution. Most of the vendors who decide to build own intranet portal prefer SharePoint platform for its multi-functionality, box of features, Office 365 integration and Microsoft well-known security and protection. Having collected a great cloud-based experience, improved internal search engine, and the full [...] Read more
intranet content management

7 Tips for Intranet Content Management

As your establishment progresses, intranet materials become voluminous. To make sure that work is hampered by this, LS Intranet provides intranet content management service which is to make sure that your materials are organized in an orderly fashion. Some tips you need to pick up for proper intranet content management are listed below: Study the [...] Read more
intranet tools

10 Business Intranet Collaboration Tools Designed for You

When managing business intranet, collaboration among coworkers is encouraged and the tools used in the establishment support this collaborative environment. If you struggle with the partnership, here are 10 intranet collaboration tools designed for you: Accessing Business Intranet main page When managing any business intranet, the establishment should always set up a homepage that gives [...] Read more
Knowledge Management System for Intranet

The Value of Wiki for Intranet Knowledge Management System

The value of installing a software that makes organization functioning easier and manageable is sometimes overlooked. This is where the invention of Wiki becomes helpful. This software makes intranet knowledge management system efficient and here’s why you need to understand the value of Wiki for the intranet knowledge management system: Quick share People in an [...] Read more
Things That Will Destroy Your Company Even With Intranet

6 Things That Will Destroy Your Company Even With Intranet

While the Intranet solution has brought much to the table, there are severe disadvantages such as possible disorganization of routine. Team collaboration skills may deteriorate even with the use of the Intranet solution. Innovation and change can help create a group of like-minded people but even corporate Intranet can ruin this togetherness in the following [...] Read more
6 Things to Avoid, So Your Intranet Doesn’t Suck

6 Things to Avoid, so Your Intranet Doesn’t Suck!

Frustrated with your current intranet solution? If you’re getting a new one or revamping one you already have, here’s what NOT to do: 1. Inability to Integrate As your organization grows and changes, it is essential that your intranet solution has the ability to keep up. Over the next decade, your company may experience changes […]

Read more
Jostle Alternative

Jostle Alternative

Jostle Alternative: Meet Innovative and Multi-featured LS Intranet Solution Remote work is something which could tremendously enhance the capabilities of an enterprise. With this in mind, a digital workplace could potentially boost productivity and bring about quite a lot of benefits. With this particularly convenient Jostle alternative, you can do just that. LS Intranet solution [...] Read more
Igloo Alternative

Igloo Alternative

LS Intranet Solution has Proven to be the Best Igloo Intranet Alternative There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account if you are to actively improve your own digital workplace. We, in fact, tend to stay on top of the current trends and we also take into account the progression [...] Read more
Intranet features

10 Fundamental Intranet Features Each Company Must Have

When a company achieves success in their industry they scale by expanding office space, locations, and staff. The increase in workflow and communication means utilizing both a network infrastructure and intranet features that provide efficient methods for new communication systems, workflow tools, file and mobile sharing methods. With the growth of staff who hold different [...] Read more
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