Tips to Keep Your Staff Intranet Engaging & Useful

If you want to ensure your intranet starts and remains both engaging and useful, here are some tips you’ll want to follow:

1. Always Remember Who the Audience is

Resist the urge to maintain a completely corporate tone. You need to remember why you’re creating this intranet in the first place — it’s for your employees. When creating a staff intranet site, don’t lose site of the fact that they are the ones using it.

If you’re not creating it to meet their needs, they won’t use it. In today’s digital workplace, employees have an expectation of using online tools that are easy, intuitive, and fast.

2. Give as Much Access as Possible

We all know that intranet best practices dictate that your system must be controlled and secure, but remember that we live in a mobile world.

If you want your employees to use the staff intranet as often as possible, you need to give them as much access as you can.

With today’s Cloud-based intranet options, the possibilities are endless. Your employees could be sitting on the beach during their vacation and suddenly feel inspired to create an article — if they can log in through their laptops or mobile devices, they will. If not, that opportunity is lost.

3. Have a Committee

If you truly want your intranet to remain relevant and used, have a committee who is dedicated to making this happen.

The committee can strategize and arrange for the facilitation and implementation of many of the tips you’re finding within this article.

4. Intranet Best Practices: Ask for Opinions and Input

Ask your employees what they need, what they want, and then actually ACT the information.

They know what resources and abilities they need to do their jobs, and they will be a huge asset when it comes to keeping your intranet project useful as time progresses.

5. Offer the Right Training

If you want your employees to use it, they need to know HOW to use it. When new intranet software is added, or new widgets become available, ensure that everyone knows.

intranet best practices

It’s important your employees understand things like intranet best practices and how to quickly and easily search for what they need. 

6. Reward Employees who Contribute

Make it known that the company values employee contribution, and reward them for taking part in something so important.

staff intranet

Whether it’s something through the committee, or simply having a draw every month to reward someone who’s written a post, it will matter.

Recognition and appreciation are essential to drive your employees to contribute.

7. Intranet Best Practices: Get your Leaders to Use it

Ensure the managers at all levels are on board with the staff intranet. If you want the employees to use it, they must see their bosses using it too.

8. Launch with a Bang

If your staff intranet is brand new, don’t have your big launch be a let-down. Take the time to develop your strategy, content, and design to ensure the entire system is immediately useful, relevant, and interesting.

With LS Intranet as your digital partner, you can be confident your staff intranet will be designed and created using the globalized intranet best practices, and be able to grow and change as your company does.

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