Intranet for Insurance Companies & Agencies

Offers Quick and Reliable Communication System for Insurance Companies' & Agencies

If you’re searching for convenient and affordable digital workplace for your insurance agency then you have come to an appropriate place. LS Intranet software is an embed kit of options and features that your organization can easily use to connect employees, organize the whole working process and strengthen overall insurance rate.


Increase Your Base of Customers’ and Protect Company from Scammers

Informed staff comes to be more cohesive and involved into the sales process. Opening your team members, the full data of all issues, hidden agendas as well as tricks which customers may practice to cheat your insurance company within one insurance agency software will protect your organization from deception.

Give your insurance handlers all required lessons and data to make more profitable deals, provide them with Learning Center integrated into your corporate intranet. This, in turn, will lead your company to customer satisfaction, the growth of sales and further profit.

We at LS Intranet are striving to provide only useful and required options and apps which issuance companies mostly lack, to make the work of insurance companies & agencies most productive, efficient and protected. It’s time to get your benefits, don’t hesitate to contact our specialist for your free trial.



Quickest Data Sharing

There is a huge variety of insurance policies: insurance for health, traveling, car and so on. So how can selling agents have in mind the deep detalization of each policy? One place data & knowledge storage assures that all policy information, from first sales pitches to the terms and provisions, are accessible only in a few mouse clicks. With key information at the insurance agency management system, every employee will speed up data gathering and be assured clients get most appropriate help.


Consolidated Place for Insurance Policies and Docs

Get smart Document Management System which will let all the staff create the unlimited grouping of folders, permitting them to store policy Docs, quotes, and claims in accordance with any supposable category. Tags can be effortlessly added to all the documents, combining all related data for simple search. Comprehensible history revision for all the Docs workflow offers understood tracking of claimant data and policy updates.


Handle Insurance Claims with Workflows

LS insurance software let satisfy you all your insurance policy demands and requirements. From the mass of quotes to claims lodgement, all the paperwork can be modified into workflows. This will let to save plenty of time and shorten administrative costs. If you will open accesses to claimants through integrated extranet system then your customers will get the opportunity for submitting claims straight to your intranet insurance software and insurance managers can interact back with the help the messaging feature.


Get Incredible Insights via Business Reports

With this insurance agency software, you can create customizable reports to perceive remarkable insights, such as heaps of requests in clients quotes, trends in insurance claims, and usual questions. The detailed analysis in charts like this will keep sales department updated and in front of the game when selling policies, arranging customer support, and resisting claims. Well-prepared team members will provide the increase of customers’ satisfaction and profits boost.

Improve Internal Communications inside Insurance Departments

Keeping employees always updated about news in the insurance industry, new product releases, a number of sales, and the level of clients’ satisfaction will make everyone to be a part of something really important. Prevent key data to be lost in the plenty of email correspondence. Get the information out there swiftly and effectively by publishing any significant occasion/news etc. on the insurance management system, boosting attention and involvement rates.


Provide Permissions for All the Insurance Information

The data submitted for policies’ renewals, insurance’ claims, and quotes’ requests are unbelievably impeachable, embracing private and financial data that demands to be stored and managed in a highly confidential manner. Our insurance software solution delivers tranquility for both insurance handlers and claimants simultaneously. The clear system of access levels guarantees that all the issuance information is enabled only by the authorized employees’ thanks to using comprehensive rights of access.

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