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LS Intranet Search Engine Speeds up your Work

With the LS Intranet Advanced Search Engine required information fast can be found and delivered for your use within seconds.

It’s developed to generate the list of viable options within the available corporate data. Simply enter in the keywords of the file or document you’re searching for and then you can take your pick from the links offered from different intranet sections.

This Intranet search engine will optimize your business procedures significantly by cutting down on time and helping you locate required information without a hassle.

LS Intranet Search Tool

All the world in one click

LS Advanced SEO indexes each piece of information (published within your Intranet) automatically so as to avoid wasting any time. Extended filters including but not limited to the author’s name, latest update timing, URL, size, tags, and abbreviations, permit the employees to find the necessary document, video, presentation and everything else in a  matter of seconds.

Personalized preferences

The advanced search tool functions based on each employee’s individual requests. Enterprise search saves the search history of staff and analyzes the data in order to display options and preferences for future usage.

Smart search

There’s no need to worry about misprints or spelling errors –  the smart LS Intranet Search Engine will immediately offer you alternative suggestions, based on the similar typing.

Quick preview of documents

In addition, there is a quick preview feature, that allows you to view a preview of the file without opening it. You can scan the file or document without spending unnecessary time for opening it.

Not all Intranet software have such a similar internal advanced search engine feature, which enables you and your staff to work not only productively but also efficiently and with minimum time expenditure.

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