Intranet for Healthcare Organizations

Experience healthcare LS Intranet software to feel the freedom of communication and collaboration within your clinic or hospital from anywhere and on any device

Looking for an appropriate hospital management software for your healthcare organization? Then you have come to the right place. LS Intranet is a modern clinic staff collaboration software for healthcare infrastructure. It helps companies with complicated organizational structures or dispersed offices and remote employees communicate and collaborate in the most efficient and productive way.

Best Practices Collaboration Tools

Make a cohesion team united under a single corporate spirit. Set up strong connection between managers, supervisors, employees by letting them know about current statement in your organization.

News, events, rewards, ideas, surveys and many other intranet features are available in LS Intranet for healthcare organizations.


Boost Productivity

Make sure that all the clinical team has access to vital information in the fullness of time with company advanced search opportunity and version control.

Fasten your staff everyday patients’ consultations with the help of predetermined online forms, training courses or organizational performance dashboards.

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Simple Document Management System

You and your healthcare experts can easily renew knowledge base with latest and relevant healthcare data. Upload Docs to corporate One Drive and get them whenever you need them promptly. Be updated with any critical healthcare news – read the corporate news, comment them and communicate ab.

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Instantly find Co-Workers with The Appropriate Expertise

People Directory Tool will assist in a quick search of any employee by his name, department, location, expertise, interests and so on. Stimulate your team members to add skills on their profiles to aid other colleagues to quickly find anyone required.

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Thank Microsoft SharePoint Platform on which this solution works, all the clinical and organization information is effectively protected and easily managed on a role-based approach by all your staff. So they will better serve patients, whole families and each other.

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Employees Involvement

Empower two-way communication and drive healthcare workers’ involvement in discussions, blogs, and corporate areas to remove pressure and build collaborative spirit with the help of healthcare intranet software.

Healthcare companies are disclosing arising patient demands. It doesn’t matter whether your organization is the only one or is a small part of a wide network, it’s highly important for administrative and clinical personnel to communicate and cooperate in a cohesive way.


Multi-Language Support for All the Colleagues Around the World

LS Intranet hospital digital workplace supports multi-language solution to provider best team cooperation between various units – it connects healthcare practitioner and let’s reduce medical mistakes.

As qualified patients’ care is only possible when employees collaborate as one team, diagnosticating timely to assign the right therapy.


Encourage Healthcare Practitioners on the Go

With LS Intranet healthcare collaboration tools your employees will always have at hand healthcare data as it has as well applications for different devices both mobile phones and tablet PC.

This will fascinate searching required colleagues, problems discussion, or simply create E-forms from anywhere.

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