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Blog posts published by company opinion leaders with comments opportunity

Company trust increase

Involve Employees in the Discussions with LS Intranet Blog Feature! LS Intranet brings corporate transparency and engagement. All the workers can follow and read their managers’ intranet blog publications to know only the data, which is relevant for each other.

Intranet Blog Tool

Easy for blogging

Digital workplace makes blogging easy and exciting process even for non-technical users. You can write and edit texts as you want. Just edit images, videos, tables, or links in WYSIWYG redactor to make your content rich and more informative. In case you want more advanced editing – work with the source code.

Content Planner

Use the function of scheduling posts for all the staff could see it at the very time when they should be informed about some changes and get well-prepared information.

Keep your colleagues in touch with notification of intranet blog updates, which they will receive with convenient frequency – daily, weekly, or monthly.


LS Intranet software allows you to control the staff access according to the appropriate permits system of your organization. Assign workers with different levels of permissions to publish, preliminary review, edit and moderate posts and comments.

Information customization

Create categories and add tags to make information easy to find for every worker.  Differentiate content for workers according to their specific sector: target posts to particular teams, departments or branches to share only useful information at your own corporate intranet software.

Employees encouraging

Engage your colleagues with the option of mentioning them in post or comment. Mentioned person will receive an automatic notification, so you can be sure that he won’t miss important answer or helpful advice.

Get workers feedback

The basis of your employee intranet success as a social platform is fresh and relevant content. Keep track of blog statistics to measure employees’ engagement, and analyze their feedback, displayed in likes and comments. It will help to determine valid and preferred topics for future publications and reveal what exactly motivates and encourages your employees. You can make final conclusions of the employees’ need in Intranet Surveys.

The Intranet blog feature works according to Yammer technology, thus it will help you to communicate with your team swiftly and easily.

When it goes about corporate culture, every detail of intranet software matters. Start developing transparent relations between employees and getting their open feedback, don’t forget about the value of your own LS Intranet Blog.

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