7 Compelling Pillars of Social Intranet Document Management

7 Compelling Pillars of Social Intranet Document Management

With tons of data trickling in from every channel, enterprises need efficient data management systems now than ever. Workplace collaboration tools such as the social intranet are changing the way organizations control their file systems. Apart from promoting potent tracking of data sets, business document management is vital in ways discussed below: 1. Powerful Collaboration [...] Read more
Promoting Collaboration is Good For Your Business

Why Promoting Collaboration is Good for Your Business

In today’s digital workplace, collaboration is essential. With virtual teams and remote employees on the rise, how does a company keep up? Here are 5 of the major benefits companies who prioritize collaboration experience: 1. Learning New Skills & Information When a group of employees works together on a project, it’s a learning opportunity for […]

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Tips to Keep Your Staff Intranet Engaging & Useful

8 Tips to Keep Your Staff Intranet Engaging & Useful

If you want to ensure your intranet starts and remains both engaging and useful, here are some tips you’ll want to follow: 1. Always Remember Who the Audience is Resist the urge to maintain a completely corporate tone. You need to remember why you’re creating this intranet in the first place — it’s for your […]

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How can busy team take on more work

4 Tips to Motivate Your Busy Team to Take on More Work

While business growth is almost every company’s objectives, growth comes along with a slew of problems that often aren’t anticipated. In order to achieve real and substantial growth, everyone needs to pitch in and do more. Every member of your team needs to contribute more, and become more effective with their work. But how do you […]

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The Connection Between Your Employee Intranet

The Connection Between Your Employee Intranet, Happiness and Productivity

It won’t be shocking news to learn that a happy employee is a productive employee. Countless studies and research projects have demonstrated that when employees are genuinely happy with their roles, their productivity increases drastically. The million dollar question, though, is how can you keep your employees happy? And what does that have to do […]

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Intranet Content Management Tips

3 Intranet Content Management Tips: Managing People for Long-Term Success

Developing a modern intranet that prioritizes social sharing and employee contribution is the ideal solution for many growing companies today. But how do you get your employees on board with this vision, and how to do you encourage them to consistently contribute? If you want to achieve long-term success with your employee intranet, it’s essential [...] Read more
Company Intranet ROI

How Can You Determine the ROI from Your Own Company Intranet?

Demonstrating that you’ll be able to measure the return on investment, ROI, is an important part of getting the green light for your intranet project. There are typically two major hurdles when attempting to measure the impacts of social business software: demanding stakeholders and intangible outputs. To grant project sponsorship, the shareholders need to see [...] Read more
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