intranet knowledge management

Knowledge Management & Transfer via Intranet Platforms

Disseminating knowledge across the organization is often difficult because of the fragmentation in the workplace. Knowledge transfer has to occur between senior managers and potential junior employees to facilitate smooth replacement of an experienced manager when the time comes. It involves coaching and transferring tactics from a veteran to novice individuals. Intranet knowledge management has [...] Read more

5 Ways to Eliminate Workplace Distractions through Intranet Platforms

How can we run away from the small distractions in the office that tends to waste a lot of time? Ostensibly, one employee losing 5 minutes a day doesn’t trigger the alarm bells. Consider when you’ve 100 employees. That translates to 500 minutes in a day or approximately 7 hours out of the normal 8 [...] Read more
best intranet software

Employee Reward Programs that Fosters Organizational Culture

When employees do their best, they deserve to be recognized. Different companies have different reward programs but the question is whether these programs are an impetus for productivity or a channel for demotivation. It has been said time and time again that rewarding individuals for their ‘bigger’ successes discourage those had smaller successes and more [...] Read more
corporate intranet software

Corporate Intranet as a Perfect Alternative to Costly Teambuilding Activities

A Gallup study shows that poorly managed and dysfunctional teams are 50% less productive than the properly led groups.  Research by Salesforce indicates that 96% of executives cite lack of collaboration as the source of ineffective communications, which ultimately leads workplace failure. To counter this, organizations have turned to teambuilding events as a way of [...] Read more
intranet for small business

How Small Businesses Can Create a Community United under Shared Mission and Values

We’ve heard about the imperativeness of corporate culture on creating an environment that is conducive for every employee. When teams pull their efforts together because they are connected under a shared identity, tasks get accomplished before time and projects beat timelines. With such an understanding, CEOS and small business owners wouldn’t identify a better tool [...] Read more
Why and How to Prevent Your CIO from Leaving

Why and How to Prevent Your CIO from Leaving

 Let's start with the question who of us has never thought of leaving a job? After all, we all think that changing employers would not only lead to hefty paychecks but also a better career development plan. And it is unquestionable that the significance of each employee in the corporation is paramount. At most, an [...] Read more
Intranet Alternative

Noodle/Vialect Intranet Software Alternative

Meet capable Noodle/Vialect Intranet Software Alternative - LS Intranet Solution Have you thought of upgrading and taking your company’s collaboration, interaction and employee engagement processes to the next level? If you’ve been pondering on the best Noodle intranet software alternative, then LS Intranet is what need to streamline internal communication in your business. See how [...] Read more
Intranet Alternative

Hoozin Intranet Solution Alternative

Meet worthy Hoozin Intranet Solution Alternative - LS Intranet Software Are you looking for a better experience, higher productivity and affordable option for bolstering your company’s internal communications? LS Intranet is ultimately your surest Hoozin intranet solution alternative as it not only grows with your business but it also comes with tons of features. Learn [...] Read more
benefits of intranet

Intranets as Echelons of Success for Millennial Workforce

Much has been said about the intranet but this time, we’re going to take you through a nervy yet intriguing journey towards successful execution of your internal communication strategies via the intranet service. The ultimate intranet benefit the service bestows to your workers is engaged teams that are cardinal in the realization of business’s goals. [...] Read more
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