people directory tool

What You Didn’t Know of People Directory Tool

Have you ever wondered how to respond to issues because you don’t know to whom can you direct the issue? Or have you ever asked the right question the wrong manager? In large organizations running many offices and departments, working via the intranet can be complex if teams can’t identify one another. Organizations are looking [...] Read more
collaborative intranet

Microsoft’s Throne: The Realm of Chat Apps

Microsoft is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to workplace technology as its popular brands (Windows OS and Microsoft Office) are used by millions of people across the world. The tech giant has shown its resilience in the industry through engineering of products that meet consumers’ needs. Microsoft has vehemently influenced the corporate sector [...] Read more
microsoft office onenote

5 Ways of Eliminating Unnecessary Clutter with OneNote

I’d like to elucidate that most OneNote’s properties that we’re going to discuss are mostly embedded in Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365. With scheduled meetings, webinars to attend, prospects waiting for updates and many tasks that form your daily routine, things can really get messy. Microsoft Office OneNote is a platform that enables you [...] Read more
intranet apps

Enhance Your Intranet with a Killer App

What exactly is a killer app? According to Merriam Webster, “a computer application of such great value or popularity that it assures the success of the technology with which it is associated”. It is that application of intranet which guarantees the achievement of the intranet apps all in all. The component that in itself makes [...] Read more
How to Help Your Company Succeed Using Social Intranet Features

How to Help Your Company Succeed Using Social Intranet Features

No company can really survive the market’s vicious atmosphere for long without being truly effective. When time and resources get wasted it destroys profit and decreases productivity. Obviously, the leaders in a company want to battle against inefficiency, but sometimes when a business is thriving, it grows a little too quickly, and departments begin to [...] Read more
LS Intranet Collaboration Tools

LS Intranet Collaboration Tools

Good intranet packages are those that provide features most useful to employees. An important one is the collaboration tool. Constant discussion and regular working patterns are what can drive a company to success. It is thus difficult to say which software tools are more beneficial given the variety of software accessible to buyers. Popular Collaboration [...] Read more
Hand’s Down the Employees Praise the Staff Intranet Features

Hand’s Down the Employees Praise the Staff Intranet Features!

You wouldn’t believe the number of benefits the staff intranet has brought with it. For a stable, productive work-city you need a superhero to monitor the actions or the best staff intranet to engage employees. The foundation of staff communication in an intranet-inspired office requires the best intranet tool! This only increases the smoothness in [...] Read more
intranet project management

Winning Project Management Tools With Intranet

Intranet has made communication through connection easier for a ton of people. To make the production process and its management as effective as possible, companies should make various tools available. The Intranet Project Management Tools You Should Utilize to Make Your Project Stand Out from the Rest are: Task Manager This feature assists the manager [...] Read more
company suggestion box

What is a Company Suggestion Box?

A company suggestion box is an interactive platform wherein company members from staff to managers can express their views, ideas, and proposals. It is a very useful tool for brainstorming new and unique ways to improve your company and meet the needs or wishes of your employees. The suggestions obtained via the company suggestion box [...] Read more
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