intranet system

Professional Employee Development as the Pillar for Growing Engagement

The overarching goal of any organization’s HR department is ensuring that it builds trust and engagement among its workforce. Most importantly, the career development process has to be rigorous and fulfilling to meet the standards of the industry. As an employer, you’re looking for an industrious team of leaders enthused by passion over paychecks.  One [...] Read more
intranet knowledge management

Knowledge Management & Transfer via Intranet Platforms

Disseminating knowledge across the organization is often difficult because of the fragmentation in the workplace. Knowledge transfer has to occur between senior managers and potential junior employees to facilitate smooth replacement of an experienced manager when the time comes. It involves coaching and transferring tactics from a veteran to novice individuals. Intranet knowledge management has [...] Read more
best online collaboration tools

What Your Enterprise Has Been Missing: Online Collaboration

Grasping volatile leads and edging through the competitive market means pulling out an extraordinary strategy. Stay on top of the industry by connecting and harmonizing your in-house and remote teams in one digital space. Online team collaboration is the key to success in the marketing, IT and administration departments. You need a system that enhances [...] Read more
collaboration tools for business

Fundamental Pillars of Business Social Collaboration Schemes

In the context of business, collaboration between the workforce implies sharing of knowledge and documents within a single portal in real-time. This translates to smooth workflow system and efficiency across departments located in diverse geographical jurisdictions. Collaboration tools for business come at a time when enterprises need to increase connectivity and interactions among employees for [...] Read more
SharePoint intranet features

Best Bets for Achieving a Vibrant SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint has stood the test of time, and in fact, it is one of the earlier forms of collaboration tools within the workplace that continue to rule the industry. It had a slow growth for a couple of years until its renaissance when they released SharePoint 2016 which comes with both workplace management and collaboration [...] Read more
best intranet features

The 5 Jewels in the Crown: Intranet Most Outstanding Features

As one of the leading intranet providers in the market, we often receive several queries, and most of them are centered around how a business can achieve a howling success in its intranet platform. Our answer is always the same; “it’s all about the features.” Then, we’ll go forward explaining to them the intrinsic capabilities [...] Read more
people directory tool

What You Didn’t Know of People Directory Tool

Have you ever wondered how to respond to issues because you don’t know to whom can you direct the issue? Or have you ever asked the right question the wrong manager? In large organizations running many offices and departments, working via the intranet can be complex if teams can’t identify one another. Organizations are looking [...] Read more
collaborative intranet

Microsoft’s Throne: The Realm of Chat Apps

Microsoft is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to workplace technology as its popular brands (Windows OS and Microsoft Office) are used by millions of people across the world. The tech giant has shown its resilience in the industry through engineering of products that meet consumers’ needs. Microsoft has vehemently influenced the corporate sector [...] Read more
microsoft office onenote

5 Ways of Eliminating Unnecessary Clutter with OneNote

I’d like to elucidate that most OneNote’s properties that we’re going to discuss are mostly embedded in Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365. With scheduled meetings, webinars to attend, prospects waiting for updates and many tasks that form your daily routine, things can really get messy. Microsoft Office OneNote is a platform that enables you [...] Read more
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