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4 Ways To Make Use of Videos Inside Your Organization

Use of videos as training materials, explanatory guides and as entertainment masterpieces isn’t anything new. Statistics strongly indicate positive and increasing trend in utilization of videos on the web. Don’t let your organization be left behind as the world heads to videos as a new way to engage the workforce, reach out to the consumers […]

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4 Ways of Showing Gratitude to your Workforces Through the Intranet

As tech paces fast and the world of business keeps metamorphosizing, we might be caught up in situations that makes us feel that it’s old-fashioned to send teams written thank you letters. It is surprising how appreciating employees for small things can ramp up their output. A research shows that gratifying simple acts of your […]

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Key Features of a Functional Intranet Portal

Key Features of a Functional Intranet Portal

Ideally, an intranet is made up of two main components – the software and the information architecture (the application). It’s the latter that is visible and helps bolster productivity by curbing internal operational costs. On the other hand, the intranet portal software determines the capabilities of the entire system and even dictates the robustness of [...] Read more

9 Ways to Unravel New Possibilities with Your Intranet Platform

While the intranet is a place that can bring together employees and let them collaborate on various aspects, it can get boring and ungratifying when it doesn’t live up to the hype. We’ve highlighted some ways that you can use to build the best intranet site for your team. Post Training Videos, Handbooks & Manuals [...] Read more
How to Choose the Best Features for Your Product - 2nd part

How to Choose the Best Features for Your Product – 2nd part

In our previous session, we were talking about the most useful ways of deciding which components ignite the spark on your audience. Let’s continue our story by learning how to choose the most appropriate tools/widgets to integrate into your main model (product). So, let’s see how we can build a ‘wow’ product. As we gather [...] Read more
How to Choose the Best Features for Your Product - 1st part

How to Choose the Best Features for Your Product – 1st part

The art of prioritizing is encapsulated in the feature development process with competency and time being the crucial foundation of the process. The development process involves honing your skills and time to develop features to avoid miscalculations. The question is, how can you decide on the evaluation criteria required for your product while striving to […]

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The Secrets of Creating a Powerful Collaborative & Interactive Workplace System

The old dusty intranets were avenues for dumping content and documents. They didn’t provide an ample platform for interaction and collaboration among employees. Advancements from the social enterprise networks (ESNs) to the modern powerful free intranet collaboration tools have paved the way for the digital workplace. When building or installing an online collaboration tool for [...] Read more
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5 Effective Hacks on How to Motivate Employees to Read Your Corporate News

With tons of tasks to accomplish, workers detest distractions that could waste their valuable work time. Any notification that seems misplaced lands on the recycle bin right away.  As the information manager, your goal to make sure that messages get read by each of your targeted audience. While the intranet collaboration software is the simplest [...] Read more
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Professional Employee Development as the Pillar for Growing Engagement

The overarching goal of any organization’s HR department is ensuring that it builds trust and engagement among its workforce. Most importantly, the career development process has to be rigorous and fulfilling to meet the standards of the industry. As an employer, you’re looking for an industrious team of leaders enthused by passion over paychecks.  One [...] Read more
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