Company Intranet Metrics

4 Company Intranet Metrics That Matter – Numbers You Can Actually Use

When it comes to the long-term success of your company intranet, measuring certain metrics will be essential. But, measuring isn’t enough. You need to measure items that you can act upon, to help your organization achieve the expected ROI from your company intranet solution.

While there are many things you should be analyzing and monitoring, here are the top 4 that will give you actionable and meaningful insights:

1. Search Terms

What words and terms are most frequently being searched for? Is staff finding the information they need in a timely manner? Are the same questions being asked repeatedly?

company intranet

A careful analysis of the search terms can offer a lot of information, in various ways. It can help you to determine what type of content your employees need, and also ensure the content they’re finding is current and relevant.

If you see the same questions being asked repeatedly, this may give you some ideas for future training and workshops.

2.Company Intranet Contributors

Who are the people contributing to the content on a regular basis? Is it the same group of people all the time, or is there an even distribution of expertise? This is important to monitor, as you want to reward those who are making the time and effort to contribute, and also encourage those who aren’t contributing to do so.

If there are many departments within your organization, it’s important to have relevant and current content for all roles, not just the ones where the staff is eager contributors.

3. Workflows

One of the largest benefits of maintaining a company intranet is the ease of creating workflows, task lists and goals for teams and projects. However, it is essential to monitor the progress, success, completion, and deadlines of these projects. Are things being completed by the deadline? Are there steps along the way where things are held up, every single time?

Ensuring the workflows are able to move along smoothly is essential to remain effective and efficient, so it’s important to look at every step from task assignment to project completion.

4. Peak Times for Company Intranet Use

When are the majority of your employees using the company intranet? If it is over their 10 am the coffee break, it doesn’t make sense to publish your big announcements at lunchtime every day. The majority of your users may completely miss what you’re distributing.

company intranet

When are your contributors active? Is it during regular work hours, or over the weekend? This is all pertinent information you can use to ensure you’re aligning your efforts with when the employees use the tool.

At LS Intranet we know how it is hard for companies to set and manage the company intranet using only your own resources, but you should know that we’ll be glad to create most comfortable and useful digital workplace for your organization.


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Mat Caron

Peak times are especially interesting item. Thanks analytics, we have known that oue employees use company intranet mostly in the morning and in the eveining. Despite the workers leave their office in the evening, most of them check their docs to to be sure they made no mistakes. Well, really nice thing to know how gratefull employees can be.


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