LS Intranet Solution for Your Company Intranet

5 Reasons Why You Should Select LS Intranet Solution for Your Company Intranet

As the digital workplace continues to evolve, more and more companies are beginning to wonder about the benefits of investing in their own company and social intranet. We could probably give you one hundred benefits of choosing to work with us, but we will stick with the top 5 reasons that apply to almost every medium and large-sized business today.

Here is why you should consider social LS Intranet as the provider for your company’s intranet solution:

1. We Move Fast

It may surprise you to learn that the average company intranet creation and implementation take nearly a year and a half. If you’re thinking about doing this now, do you really want to wait that long until you have something in place?

LS Intranet Solution for Your Company Intranet

With our solution, you can launch your unique digital workplace in ONE week. The on-site installation will take about an hour — it’s really that easy with social LS SharePoint Intranet.

2. Administrative Work Wastes Valuable Time

Our corporate intranet solution will allow your organization to enjoy a significant decrease in the cumulative time spent on the repetitive administrative tasks. You can have the countless type of forms and applications approved in minutes, rather than days.

Requests for everything from vacation time to booking a meeting room can become an easy and nearly automated process. Managers and employees no longer have to fill out or search for forms — with a few clicks, pre-populated forms are easily submitted, approved and processed.

3. Social Intranet Allows Employees be Social

Our solution is also a social intranet. It will help to bring your employees together and take team collaboration to an entirely new level.

Social Intranet

With news feeds, chats, search functions and even employee birthdays accessible on one simple platform, employees are drawn to the natural social nature of the LS Intranet solution.

We live in a digital world, and our platform delivers the social experience your staff desires.

4. We Love Yammer as much as you Do

If you’re already using Yammer, we’ve got good news. You can easily integrate what you’re already using our sharepoint intranet solution, and you’ll be impressed with how deep the integration goes.

Prefer SharePoint? We can handle that too!

5. We have a Proven Track Record

LS Sharepoint Intranet has created and deployed over 100 successful corporate intranet projects. As this number steadily grows, our team now has over 60 specialists, including 15 Microsoft certified professionals.

In 2016, we were awarded the Solution Partner of the year in Ukraine.

You can count on us to be there to provide project management, customer service, technical support, training, and anything else your project needs to be successful.

Your success is our success, and you can rest assured we will be there every step of the way, just contact us.


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Jennifer Gauthier

Wow, I’m not sure whethe Yammer is so good as Yammer? But I like that your intranet solution can be quickly installed and there are e-forms for task performance. Surely would like to try your demo.


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