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The Top 4 Reasons Employees Aren’t Using Your Company Intranet Solution

If you’ve invested in a company intranet solution, you want to be sure your employees are using it. The return on investment your company can achieve is significant, but only if it’s been used and maximized.

If you don’t feel like your employees have gotten on board, here are 4 of the most common reasons why:

1. Using the Company’s Intranet does not Speed things up

If employees can’t quickly and easily access the information they’re looking for, it’s unlikely they will use the tool.

Company Intranet solution

This can be a result of many factors, such as lack of training or outdated and irrelevant content. If employees can’t easy find what they want, or what they find is outdated, they won’t bother using the company intranet.

Ensure that your intranet solution is user-friendly across the board if you want company-wide adoption.

2. The Company Intranet is not Employee-focused

If you want employees to use your company’s intranet solution, you must be providing content that they perceive as relevant, useful and related to their roles.

Historically, company intranet solutions were all about what the corporate or head office wanted employees to know and see. Today, the digital workplace has transformed and your employees want the company intranet that meets their needs.

If the content isn’t useful or providing the solutions they need, they won’t use it. How can you determine what your employees need from you? A few ways, but the easiest two will be to monitor search history and simply asking them.

3. Most Staff, Including Management, isn’t really Sure how to Use it

Whether your company’s intranet solution is new or established, if people don’t know how to use it effectively and efficiently, they won’t even bother.

Ensuring that all staff (especially management) are well-trained on how to use the company intranet is imperative to its success and general adoption within the organization. With new and improved widgets like Quick Search, the speed and search ability are easier than ever.

But that goes out the window if no one knows about it, or if it’s been so long since training that it’s been forgotten. Management will play an important role in how often the intranet solution is used, so it’s particularly important they are highly trained on how everything works and relay that information to their teams.

4. You don’t Have a Content Management System in Effect

Similar to a blog or newsletter, it is essential to have a content management system in place if you want your employee intranet to be effective, useful, and utilized by the entire company. On top of the need for regularly updated content, you want to ensure that your staff is actively participating in the creation and distribution of the content.

Company Intranet solution

Many organizations today put a team of collaborators together to get the ball rolling and assign responsibilities to the willing participants. When employees are actively engaged in the entire process, you will notice a big shift in how the tool is used and perceived.

When you have a schedule and content management team in place, the quality and consistency of your content will increase dramatically, which will, in turn, give your staff a reason to use it. Part of this system can include encouraging a company-wide use of the platform — for example, you could switch from emailing weekly newsletters to posting them on the company intranet solution.

If you haven’t noticed, the main theme here is providing content that your employees want and need. Having a successful LS company Intranet solution really comes down to giving your staff the information they need, in a user-friendly way.

Include your staff in the entire process, and ask them on a regular basis what type of content they need. That’s your recipe for success!


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Carlos Sarmiento

When the content on the company intranet site is outdated then employees won’t use it and leave it at the end. We even delegated our administrator with a new responsibility to renew some data on the intranet. Employees activity has rised after that.


Jared McGrath

Thanks, now I see why employees don’t use our company intranet. As the management doesn’t use it at all. Then who cares? We have to stimulate the personnel to be interested in the going-ons.


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