AI Chatbot

In accordance to research by eMarketer, 1.4 billion people and more used instant messaging applications and this number is projected to rise by 25% in the next three years.

What do you mean by a Chatbot?

Chatbots, aka interactive agent or Artificial Conversational Entity, are computer-based intelligence software that can conduct interaction with the user through realistic auditory or textual methods. They emulate human behavior during interaction and act as an all-purpose service provider: whether you need help choosing household appliances, finding a specific file or just want some entertainment. In businesses, this software can even work in customer support, deliver messages and work as a live assistant to support users on a variety of topics.


AI Chatbot

Why the Rise in Popularity of Chatbots?

Socialization based applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, and others are almost like basic necessities nowadays and they enable people to stay in contact free of cost. We have different apps for just about anything, whether it’s booking a hotel or finding a place to eat; however, having to download separate apps for each function takes up extra phone storage and can slow your device down.

Now, this is where Chatbots step in. They provide a user interaction paradigm where a worker can get help to complete a wide variety of actions. With their AI functioning, Chat Bots are smart solutions for corporate-based workplaces, so they’ve become more widely used.

How Can Chatbots Help in Performing HR-Related Tasks?

A company always needs to hire new employees and this can often be a lengthy process, but with Chatbots, this process can be simplified and sped up. With their AI, chatbots can be used to address the queries of applicants and aid candidates in application submission and sorting.

Moreover, bots have started to be used to assist interaction and cooperation between company departments, workers, and boards. For example, workers can ask chatbots their questions about vacation or salary instead of having to schedule an appointment with the HR department.

AI Chatbot

How do Chatbots Amp up Corporate Productivity?

  • Easy programming means that user experience can be streamlined so anyone can solve an issue, even in complex scenarios. Also, using Chatbot requires only basic knowledge about software and business terms, so anyone can use it.
  • Since bots have minimal GUI, they can be accessed using shortcuts and do not take up too much space.
  • Consolidated Training: The unique AI functioning enables company workers to centralize their learning and offers natural scenarios to practice practical training. Plus you can facilitate the bots to serve users better based on user preferences and input.


ai chatbot

Some benefits that LS chatbot Erl brings to your digital workplace:

  • Say bye to bureaucracy as officials requests can be conducted much faster through a messaging app of your choice.  Administration and HR commands work much more efficiently this way as Chatbot Erl (of LS intranet) has shown great potential in aiding employees arrange vacations, reviewing their schedules and communicating with company heads.
  • Instead of a corporate portal attendance, one can use the application of their own choice, so workers can spend more time on work than on formalities.
  • Employees can make Corporate Leave Requests with Chatbot Erl as LS Intranet allows organizations to submit leave applications digitally rather than having to spend time on HR meeting and appointments. Erl provides assistance to staff so they can submit leave requests, call in sick and analyze their free time.


By integrating LS Intranet and chatbots into your workplace, you will be bringing the multitudinous benefits of the advanced tech world to your company so that work is more productive, efficient, cooperative and cohesive.

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