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LS Intranet Offers an Affordable and Useful Bonzai Software Alternative

Why is the Bonzai Intranet Alternative Better?

A lot of thought and consideration went into creating the LS Intranet in hopes of making it the best, most modern intranet software out there. With surveys and research focused on creating software that serves customers best, the LS intranet was born.

What makes it Better?

 While both the Bonzai and the LS Intranet share a foundation, the SharePoint platform, the softwares are provided to customers and prices horizons apart. The Bonzai option is about 16 times more expensive than the Bonzai intranet alternative which ranges at about $5988 per year for 500 users. This is despite the fact that the Bonzai option has fewer features to offer as well.

Feature Bonzai LS Intranet
Workflow Management + +
Microsites + +
People Directory + +
File Share + +
Lists & Libraries + +
Quick Search + +
Smart Reports + +
Yammer + +
Mobile Responsiveness + +
News Feed + +
Calendar + +
Map + +
Slider + +
Multilanguage Support + +
Responsive design + +
Employee Spotlight + +
Social Tools (mentioning, comments, likes and sharings) + +
Office 365 integration + +
Apps + +
Surveys +
Task Management +
Blogs +
Jobs +
Birthdays +
Idea Management +

Worker Output Records

In order to ensure that your company thrives, it is essential you monitor the work output and behavior in the workplace of the numerous employees. With one of the tools provided in the Bonzai intranet alternative, full data sheets can be generated of each of your workers to record work behavior. This makes it easier to identify and solve problems to generate greater output in the same amount of time.

Accommodating Tools

The Bonzai intranet alternative also provides tools that allow workers to provide feedback so that you can address the needs of your staff as well. Building professional but friendly work relations is a two Way Street which needs to be back up from both sides and is now possible with the LS intranet. The intranet portal can be turned into a workplace where effective groups can be created to fulfill the duties necessary to make a project successful. Target information is communicated more easily under common tasks and coordination is clearer with deadlines and defined stages of work.


 What makes the Bonzai intranet alternative unique is the tool that allows workers to give their feedback and express opinions of the work environment as well. It is a known fact that people are most efficient where they feel comfortable and valued. Listening to what everybody has to say makes this easier. A motivating environment is created to foster unique ideas and diligence so that your business runs smoothly, all at a reasonable price.

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