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LS intranet for libraries is one of the most effective tools to organize your work. It offers a unique environment where all processes are bundled together, making your work more efficient. This includes news updates, event management, tasks, requests, surveys and more.

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The LS intranet for libraries is designed to benefit your library regardless of the way you run it. Our solution is flexible and extremely powerful, affecting all levels of the library, from members, to employees to management and trustees.

  • Safe data sharingSafe
    data sharing
  • Different access levelsDifferent
    access levels
  • Easy communicationEasy
  • Task managementTask
  • Workflow routine automationWorkflow routine

Our considerable experience in developing, deploying, and day-to-day running of intranet for public libraries has shown this tool is invaluable for a nonprofit-organization. To know more how LS Intranet can put your library on the next stage of collaboration check out La Crosse Public Library Case Study.

The Most Important Advantages LS Intranet
Brings to Libraries

LS Intranet Software for Office 365

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Survey Intranet Feature | LS Intranet

Arrange polls or voting on any topics among employees. LS Intranet Survey Tool will help to find out opinions quick by involving all the team members. Analyze the results on the go.

Intranet Feature for Employees | LS Intranet

All your team is right here. Just click on the avatar and get required information with Our Team LS Intranet widget.

Intranet Events Widget | LS Intranet

All the important company events are available to check. LS Intranet Calendar tool shows what will happen today this week or month in the corporate life.

Data Structuring & Secure Exchange

This is one of the most critical problems in many organizations including libraries today – the data volumes are vast and becoming bigger all the time.

Most of this information needs to be secured – the protection that our portal has. It will keep your information organized and safe, preventing dangerous data leaks, while at the same time keeping backups of everything in a secure location.

library intranet

intranet for libraries

Role-Based Approach

Before the role-based approach is implemented, channeling information to specific users and working on documents in groups was difficult to impossible. Our LS library intranet has a multi-tier permission system that makes this functionality simple and extremely accessible.

Office 365 Integration

Our product makes full use of the MS Office 365 suite, to allow provide employees with one environment to work in, with all the extremely useful tools it contains. It has cloud storage, OneNote, PowerPoint and of course Microsoft Word and Excel.

library intranet

intranet for libraries

Intuitive CMS

Another great advantage is how intuitive our CMS system is. It is easy to learn and navigate, managing your library’s operations, digital workplaces, news updates, chat room discussions and other activity.

Flexible and Customizable Design

The user interface in the LS intranet for libraries is fully customizable. Choose one of the pre-made layouts or create your own unique design. Choose page elements, colors, widgets and other styling to fit your vision and better represent your library online.

library intranet

intranet for libraries

Learning Management System

The LS Learning Center allows every employee to create learning modules, courses and other useful tools on their own, using presentations, video, or document formats.

This can be used for training or educational purposes, expanding your impact on the workforce and the community.

Multilingual Integration

Our LS library Intranet takes your library to the global stage, offering fully multilingual functionality for your members, users and employees making it absolutely indispensable.

library intranet

intranet for libraries

Collaborate Across Library Teams

The integration of WorkFlows and other project management tools contributes to the general productivity of your teams, bringing them together to initiate, plan and carry out tasks in a highly organized digital environment.

LS library intranet helps you increase productivity and promote collaboration, connecting people. Make your staff daily operations easier and grow employee cohesion, try our intranet for libraries demo.

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What our clients say?

Lou Kalis, I.T. Manager
La Crosse Public Library, WI

Flexible, extremely collaborative, educational and always-supportive intranet provider. They always reply quickly and give us the ability to talk with any specialist directly from a sales manager to a developer. Most of our requirements integrated into the intranet portal. So working with this guys is a pleasant experience. They are definitely one of the top 5 providers I’ve ever dealt.

Mariusz Plawecki, Marketing Director
Konica Minolta, Ukraine

We were surprised by a rapid deployment of the solution which took 5 days. With LS Intranet we built a platform that connects staff and helps them to work better together. It is a single channel that reaches all employees and cover top-down communication and bottom-up feedback. Moreover, this platform is not only a place where we can read things but is a tool for doing tasks and running workflows.

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