Avoid Grasping at Straws – Pragmatic Intranet Management Strategies

Avoid Grasping at Straws – Pragmatic Intranet Management Strategies

Setting up and building a cloud intranet platform are two different things altogether. Every time your system is down or slow, you tend to channel your efforts to making reconfigurations, and often, the situation worsens. You’re nabbed and nagged by these unwarranted experiences because it inevitably leads to underutilization of the intranet resources and downtimes. [...] Read more
advantages and disadvantages of intranet

Overcoming Intranet Challenges

While intranets are impeccable collaboration tools that can shift the way operations and interactions are carried out in ideal working environments, like any other software they have their shortcomings. Disadvantages of intranet may differ from one market to another because of the dynamism that exists between corporations. Today, we’ll focus on four major drawbacks of [...] Read more
intranet problems

Things Dragging Down Intranet Portal Deployment Process

According to a 2012 Gartner study, 40% of portal projects do not achieve the desired return on investment owing to various internal organizational factors. Most portals initiatives fail before they start, and those that manage to spin their portal wheels get their vehicles stalled midway. A large percentage of projects don’t reach their intended objectives. [...] Read more
Things That Will Destroy Your Company Even With Intranet

6 Things That Will Destroy Your Company Even With Intranet

While the Intranet solution has brought much to the table, there are severe disadvantages such as possible disorganization of routine. Team collaboration skills may deteriorate even with the use of the Intranet solution. Innovation and change can help create a group of like-minded people but even corporate Intranet can ruin this togetherness in the following [...] Read more
6 Things to Avoid, So Your Intranet Doesn’t Suck

6 Things to Avoid, so Your Intranet Solution Doesn’t Suck!

Frustrated with your current intranet solution? If you’re getting a new one or revamping one you already have, here’s what NOT to do: 1. Inability to Integrate As your organization grows and changes, it is essential that your intranet solution has the ability to keep up. Over the next decade, your company may experience changes […]

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employee intranet

3 Common Intranet Portal Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Organizations invest in creating their own internal intranet solutions for many reasons, but one of the most common ones is to increase efficiency. This can cross numerous departments and locations, but the end-goal is to give your employees the tools and resources they need to work more effectively, efficiently, and easily. When employees can perform […]

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