Things That Will Destroy Your Company Even With Intranet

While the Intranet solution has brought much to the table, there are severe disadvantages such as possible disorganization of routine. Team collaboration skills may deteriorate even with the use of the Intranet solution.

Innovation and change can help create a group of like-minded people but even corporate Intranet can ruin this togetherness in the following 6 ways:

1. Fictional Avatars for Work Profiles

Profiles on internet portals can create casualness in a business environment. Pictures of random fictional characters and celebrities may be uploaded in place of their own turning the business profile into a mockery.

intranet solution

The company may begin to appear a hoax as employees lose credibility due to lack of professional approach on the company intranet. Why would clients pick your employees? Deceptive profiles can lead to the degradation in relationships among employees, customers, and managers.

2. Outdated Information on the Corporate Intranet

A large portion of company expenditure goes towards new technological innovations. This seems to be a loss when outdated and senseless information is published onto the corporate intranet.

Unless responsible employees are appointed to overlook your company Intranet and head of departments set a good example by staying active themselves, the use of this online system is a waste of time and money.

3. Email correspondence instead of Task Management

While offices stay updated with new technology like the corporate Intranet solution, they fail to let go of old methods of organization simultaneously leaving a lot to juggle for employees. By giving up an email correspondence, you can avoid the duplication of tasks and manage conveniently from your company intranet.

Making use of all benefits including the Task Management will allow you to save time providing instructions and meetings can be held from anywhere via the corporate intranet solution.

4. Gossips at Intranet Solution

Intranet solution

Gossip is the most prevalent form of social talk. Human beings judge one another in all ways but particularly the weakness and failures of individuals. An open conversation on the company intranet can create unwanted relationships between staff members.

Employees may begin to play the blame game generating hostile feelings towards work and the organization. This could cause the organizational structure of your office to crumble.

5. Online Meltdown

Lack of satisfactory rewards at work may encourage workers to instigate conflicts and complaints by creating unhealthy competition among employees as everyone’s tasks are accessible on the corporate intranet. To avoid such chaos, clear boundaries must be set and understood by the staff members of your company beforehand.6

6. Entertainment

While the corporate Intranet solution may bring your employees closer together in a collaborative atmosphere, common interests bring them together after office hours. With a company intranet, however, brainstorming meetings may turn into a discussion of the social calendar. Employees must, therefore, be motivated to work together as a team and help one another grow.

With the correct use of the LS Intranet solution, a number of doors can be opened for your organization by helping your workplace become a more productive and efficient space. Each business is unique, we hope our advice can be of use but only you know best how to make your company blossom.

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