6 Things to Avoid, So Your Intranet Doesn’t Suck

Frustrated with your current intranet solution? If you’re getting a new one or revamping one you already have, here’s what NOT to do:

1. Inability to Integrate

As your organization grows and changes, it is essential that your intranet solution has the ability to keep up. Over the next decade, your company may experience changes that are impossible to anticipate or plan for.

New technologies will appear, and you need a system that will change to allow for this. For long-term success, you want an intranet solution that has the ability to grow and integrate with new programs as needed.

2. Zero Strategy

Without a strategy and active governance, your company intranet won’t withstand the test of time.

intranet solution

Who will contribute to new content? Who will ensure changing information is updated?

Who will ensure relevant information is available for new job positions? Who will ensure the intranet solution  continues to meet employee demands, and company objectives?

These are all things that a committee or team should have a plan for. You don’t want your company to be in a reactive position. Dealing with problems, after they become problems, is far more difficult than being proactive and recognizing issues before they begin to affect efficiency.

3. Not Mobile Friendly Intranet Solution

Was your company intranet designed long before anyone even thought about using it outside the office? In today’s world, this is a major downfall for all growing companies.

Having a mobile option is a huge company intranet benefit, for several reasons. Allowing you employees to access the intranet solution outside regular work hours gives them the opportunity to contribute and engage when it’s convenient for them.

And what about employees who may not commute to the office every day, or work remotely? Allowing access, on any device, is something today’s workers both want and expect.

4. Poor User Experience

Similar to a website, if the intranet solution is difficult to maneuver
and use, people will simply give up. Think about it — last time you went online to order a pizza or buy something, did you have a positive user experience.

intranet solution

If not — did you return to that same website? Unlikely. If it isn’t easy, intuitive, and quick, it won’t be used.

5. Outdated & Inaccurate Information

Trust is a huge factor when it comes to online searches. Finding information is one thing, but finding the information you’re 100% certain is accurate and up-to-date is an entirely different subject.If employees find themselves making mistakes, or doing the wrong thing because of misinformation they found on the company intranet, they will stop using it.

This comes back to governance — you want to ensure someone is in charge of ensuring the content is accurate and correct.

6. Stuffy Corporate Message at Company Intranet 

Your employees may love their jobs, but you need to remember who this content and platform is for. You wanted an intranet solution to help improve efficiency and increase workplace collaboration, so don’t get caught up in trying to cram your corporate message into the mix.

Give your employees what they want and what they need, and keep the corporate aspect to a minimum. Share what’s important, and choose wisely.

Of course, you may have attempted to improve corporate Intranet solution using own resources, but then you’re risking to lose much more money and time.

Whereas there’s an opportunity to entrust all Intranet solution implementation and issues’ solving to professionals, such as LS Intranet is.

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