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Things Dragging Down Intranet Portal Deployment Process

According to a 2012 Gartner study, 40% of portal projects do not achieve the desired return on investment owing to various internal organizational factors. Most portals initiatives fail before they start, and those that manage to spin their portal wheels get their vehicles stalled midway. A large percentage of projects don’t reach their intended objectives. Since this intranet problem affects most companies, we did a research and identified some of the issues that are filibustering most portal initiatives.

Lack of Clear Objectives

You’ll find out that some enterprises launch intranet portals because their competitors have done so without highlighting the workforce and customer pain points in their corporations.

company intranet software

Company intranet software adoption and implementation process must be tailored to your industry, employees, and objectives. Don’t just set up portal because you feel it will give your company a corporate look, build it because you need to address specific problems in your business.

Underestimation of Associated Costs and Misplaced Priorities

Corporate intranets come in many sizes and strengths and what you need your intranet portal to offer dictates the initial installation costs. Most of the time we don’t allocate enough budget to developing our portals. Instead of hiring an experienced intranet vendor to do customizations and configurations for you, you decide to trail the complex IT path.

After a few months, you realize that you’ve spent so much money and time tweaking the system and not using it. That’s when intranet problems start to emerge. Typically, you should know what you can do to your intranet and what you can’t do with it.

 Failing to Understand the Value of the Company Intranet Software

What value does corporate intranet service offer to your enterprise? Will it make the workforce collaborate or shear? The portal should offer solutions that everyone in the company would want take advantage of. The portal that you’re to set up must be able to centralize operations and enable seamless collaboration between employees. A valuable intranet tool is so essential that the employees would find it augmented in their daily routines.

Some Organization’s Intranet Portals are Static

The common problem with intranets is that the employees are hyped at the start, but the psyche decreases with time. Intranet problems that are linked to low usage can be attributed to the monotony of the system. Organizations must update and upgrade their corporate intranets so that they offer unique and fresh content to its users.

Alleviating intranet problems means subscribing to the right company intranet software. It also means assigning a team to manage and govern the portal. Successful intranet deployments are usually handled by experienced intranet vendors. This allows your team to concentrate on other vital matters driving productivity. LS Intranet can help your company set up an intranet portal that smoothly integrates into your business. You can contact us below if you’ve any query.

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An excellent article, indeed. The intranet problems should be understood as crossing multiple design genres and problem definitions and should touch heavily upon issues of organizational development


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