Company Intranet as a Project Management Tool

How to Use Your Company Intranet as a Project Management Tool

Online project management tools are becoming more popular in the workplace, for obvious reasons. It’s such an effective way for teams to collaborate and work together on projects, both big and small. When you have a company intranet, you have a built-in project management platform — there is no need to use outside sources anymore.

Here are 4 of the intranet project management tools you can use within your intranet dashboard to maximize efficiency.

Intranet Discussion Dashboards

When teams of people are working on projects with multiple layers, we can find ourselves wasting a huge amount of time picking through email strings. We’re trying to find that directive or piece of content that came from a team member two weeks ago.

With the addition of Discussion Boards on your intranet dashboard, all of this confusion can be avoided. Every team member has access to their relevant discussions, and all communication can happen in one place.

File Share

You may be thinking, well what about the files that come via email? Having a place to store all pertinent documents within the project will help the team to share knowledge, and reduce time wasted searching for files.

Company Intranet as a Project Management Tool - LS Intranet

It is possible that employees are already using separate tools for this, and it is more beneficial and secure for the organization to bring this back in-house so all employees can benefit from the convenience and information sharing that document storing provides.

This can also serve as a learning resource, where employees can share things like powerpoint presentations and learning materials they think other teams members could benefit from.

Task Management

The Task Management function allows a person to create tasks, assign responsibilities, and give deadlines. The whole team can see who is responsible for what, and when their portion is due.

If some parts are dependent upon the completion of something before it, it is significantly easier for team members to monitor progress and not lose any time. This function also has additional features that can be utilized, such as email reminders as deadlines are approaching.

Intranet Dashboard: Calendar

Having an online calendar is one of the perks of any intranet dashboard, but when you utilize it within your project management tool, it becomes even more effective.

Company Intranet

Having the ability to connect the tasks to your calendar, book team meetings, and even bring attention to certain comments on a discussion board, will help to increase the communication and efficacy of any team.

By the way, LS Intranet includes not only 4 mentioned project management tools, but a variety of others. And with our solution, you will simplify the workflows of the whole company. Don’t hesitate to try our demo!

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Jordan Moore

Nowadays, every employee requires project management tools, but the last ones are not so spread. Those that can help handle both forms creation, file storage and communication with colleagues. I guess intranet is unuversal in this case.



Intranet dashboard should be convenient and intuitive for the user in mind, so the user would feel comfortable


Victoria Cole

On the intranet dashboard, the most important thing is that every working procedure is clearly placed and everything is on the first page so to speak. And all company chats are easily accessible.



Great that you mentioned file sharing in the company. It is always convenient to find the files and documents you need on the intranet dashboard. Good article!


Bryan Sullivan

It is very convenient to monitor and configure the taskbar, as for me this it is the most important thing on the intranet dashboard.


Tomas Hardy

The fact is that the intranet helps teams to collaborate and work together on different projects. Now I’m working in a large company and the ability to customize the intranet dashboard for myself is quite beneficial!


Travis Harmon

I should admit I’m not a very responsible employee. But thanks to the intranet dashboard I have become more diligent. This is not the first time digital workplace has saved me time from being late for rallies and meetings. The function of the calendar is simply indispensable.


Tina Pratt

An opportunity to create a site for a particular department, location or for project teams is a huge benefit. A lot of sensitive data of separate projects is always protected from leakage while all responsive persons have a constant access to it. That’s why is highly essential to understand intranet management for any company.


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