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Jostle Alternative: Meet Innovative and Multi-featured LS Intranet Solution

Remote work is something which could tremendously enhance the capabilities of an enterprise. With this in mind, a digital workplace could potentially boost productivity and bring about quite a lot of benefits. With this particularly convenient Jostle alternative, you can do just that. LS Intranet solution is a comprehensive tool which is going to help you out quite a lot.

In order not make unsubstantiated statements, we shall address factual information – price comparison and the number of tools of these 2 solutions:

month/500 users
$30480/ year
LS Intranet (Enterprise)
month/500 users
$10788/ year

To challenge Jostle price, pioneering LS Intranet software will let you save about $24,492 annually!

You can take advantage of the LS Quick Search tool in order to prevent spending excessive amounts of time for routine operations. This is going to provide you with actionable and quick analysis of the performance of your employees as well as your own search history. The main designation is to provide properly matching search results.

This convenient Jostle alternative has also managed to develop its own Workflow Management in order to organize the working process in a way which is overly productive and efficient. With this particular tool, you can easily assign tasks, monitor deadlines as well as to ensure that you spare both time and additional resources.

You will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of this powerful Jostle alternative and make your own digital workplace user-friendly, unique and particularly comfortable. You can take your pick independently without taking any other restraint or opinion into account. You can choose the design elements and edit all kinds of different elements, included but not limited to colors, layouts as well as the size of the widgets as you see fit. It’s also important not to forget about the LS Slider feature in order to display to all of your team members festive events, important dates as well as any happening which is worthy of being noted.

Said to be an appropriate Jostle alternative, LS Intranet confirms that has a larger number of functions and tools in general:

Feature Jostle LS Intranet
Calendar + +
File Share + +
Lists & Libraries + +
Map + +
Microsites + +
Mobile Responsiveness + +
Multilanguage Support + +
News Feed + +
People Directory + +
Social Tools (mentioning, comments, likes and sharings) + +
Surveys + +
Task Manager + +
Birthdays +
Blogs +
Branding Tool +
Employee Spotlight +
Idea Management +
Jobs +
Office 365 integration +
Quick Search +
Slider +
Smart Reports +
Workflow Management +
Yammer +

It’s built on SharePoint and as such, it’s designed to provide high-end quality, incomparable potential and adaptability which make it a great alternative to Jostle for only a fraction of the overall cost. If you want to take advantage of this convenient LS Intranet solution, you shouldn’t hesitate to leave us a call. We will help you find out more about the opportunities that you might be missing out on.

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