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5 Ways of Eliminating Unnecessary Clutter with OneNote

I’d like to elucidate that most OneNote’s properties that we’re going to discuss are mostly embedded in Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365. With scheduled meetings, webinars to attend, prospects waiting for updates and many tasks that form your daily routine, things can really get messy. Microsoft Office OneNote is a platform that enables you to declutter your tasks letting you put them in one place. Let’s see how.

  1. Multi-device Support

With this application, you can synchronize all notes and schedules you make on Microsoft Notebook in mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. By doing that you’d have kept all your tasks in a unified place regardless of the interface system. Synchronization is accomplished by stashing all notebook’s details in OneDrive.

  1. Personalizing Items

With Microsoft Notebook that comes with Office 365 OneNote, you can fine tune context pages to fit your specifications and style. For instance, in the View tab, users can customize pages to come up with structures and patterns suitable for their content. Also, one can arch the notebook beside the screen as they browse through web pages searching for links to add into the notes. You can effortlessly modify page colors and designs contingent to the project that you’re working on.

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  1. Creation of Multiple Microsoft Notebooks

Another exceptional component of Office 365 OneNote is that it allows you to craft an infinite number of notebooks. That grants you a spectrum of opportunities and freedom to build notebooks with multiple sections. Within these notebooks, you can generate links to connect your recent project to other Microsoft Office OneNote projects stockpiled in the database.

  1. Using Office 365 OneNote as a Universal Organizer

OneNote is an app that lets you visualize your daily tasks and status of unaccomplished projects in front of you in an organized manner. When you’ve got a conference with your subordinate staff, Microsoft Office OneNote enables you to put everything in a single place whether they are videos, audio files, pictures, texts and other training aids. This saves you time as you don’t have to continuously hope from one app to another as you try to mesh up ideas.

  1. Fast Access to Stored Documents

In OneNote, you can build multiple Microsoft Notebook documents and over time, these pieces become so many that tracing them can be a daunting. Fortunately, the downloadable OneNote, as well as the Office 365 OneNote, has a search feature that enables users to quickly search and access documents they want.

It is unequivocal that getting organized increases productivity as you know when to plan for meetings, attend e-learning courses and collaborate with team members. LS Intranet has integrated cloud Office 365 tool that gives you a chance to combine social intranet capabilities with document organization functionalities in OneNote. Get in touch with us to learn how you can get your team share tasks organized in Microsoft Notebook and discuss them through vibrant intranet communities.

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