Boosting Productivity Using Intranet Software

Are you still one of the few people out there asking themselves if it’s worth vesting in intranet software? For SMBs and SMEs, this is a perfect tool for connecting employees and promoting workplace culture. When evaluating whether investment on intranet and extranet software is worth it, you don’t need to base your decisions on how other companies within your industry are performing. Productivity is determined by various internal factors, and often than not, intranet services indirectly generate income.

Cost Reduction with Intranet Software

Brain drain occurs when employees move out of your company, and this can significantly cost your business when it comes to hiring and training costs incurred when training new staff. But with intranet software in place, experienced employees leave their knowledge in the system by creating wikis, blogs, and projects that can be used by other employees.

intranet services

In traditional workplace setups, employees must frequently check their emails to see if there is something new. And most times, as managers we send emails to employees regardless of their specialties thus giving them the onerous task of sorting out what’s best for them. This wastes time leading to loss of revenue. SharePoint Intranet software allows you to share files with the right departments and lets you engage in real-time with various communities in the workplace.

Intranet Software for Talent Development & Growth

According to McKinsey Global Institute study of July 2012, social technology has a potential of generating $900 billion by 2020. Offering intranet services is one of the ways of utilizing social technology in the workplace to improve productivity by bolstering the efficiency of employees. Workplace collaboration software enables teams to exchange vital knowledge and files that would otherwise be retained by individuals.

For development purposes, you’ll need external input from vendors, advisors, investors, and partners. Extranet services enable your team to engage with these experts efficiently. You can boost your organization income by using intranet and extranet to connect employees to the outside world where they freely interact with clients and interested parties. This leads to high customer satisfaction thus increasing retention rates allowing your business to earn more revenue with existing clients by upselling services/goods.

SharePoint Intranet software is a platform that helps managers notice promising talents with ease. Through discussions in forums and contribution to monthly wikis, employers can pick out young talent and nurture them through the collaboration platform. This ensures that knowledge is fully tapped while helping employees realize their potential.

Like everything else, choice and quality matters. Not all collaboration tools you come across can give you what they promise. LS SharePoint Intranet is here to aid you to build a productive intranet platform that augments with Microsoft Office products and CRM tools to help you manage your company communications smoothly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you feel you need some clarifications.

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