How can busy team take on more work

4 Tips to Motivate Your Busy Team to Take on More Work

While business growth is almost every company’s objectives, growth comes along with a slew of problems that often aren’t anticipated. In order to achieve real and substantial growth, everyone needs to pitch in and do more. Every member of your team needs to contribute more, and become more effective with their work.

But how do you achieve this? How can you motivate your employees to do more, with less time?

1. Employee Intranet Starts With Motivation

If you want your employees to do and accomplish more, you need to take a step back and figure out what motivates them.

employee intranet

What drives them, and makes them want to do more? 

The easiest way to find out the answers to these question is to simply ask them at own employee intranet. Find out why they aren’t getting more done. Do they lack initiative? Or perhaps they already feel like they are over-worked.

 2. Listen to What They Tell You, And Make Changes

Once you have been able to uncover what the main hurdles are, it’s time to start brainstorming and coming up with solutions. In many instances, employees will feel like they are over-worked and simply unable to accomplish more in their day.

Often, this can be dire cutely attributed to slow processes and cumbersome systems to processing their work or completing projects.

3. Listening to Your Employees Will Make Them Feel Valued

When your employees see that you listen to them and are working to make their lives and jobs easier, it demonstrates to them they are valued and appreciated. 

employee intranet

A huge part of motivation with any employee will be showing them that you care and that their opinions and happiness matter to you. When employees feel valued, appreciated and needed, they often become more productive.

When you add in improved processes and systems on top of this, the synergy can have a major impact on your entire organization.

4. How Can Employee Intranet Make Their Job Easier?

If through your brainstorming you’ve realized that slow processes and systems are what need to be improved, an employee intranet with customized software might be exactly what your team needs. The right employee intranet software has the ability to completely transform the way your business operates.

Your employees may have mentioned they waste a lot of time searching for files, or finding answers to their questions. Maybe they mentioned it takes them 2 hours every Monday morning to deal with their expense submissions.

With LS employee intranet that is customized to meet the needs of your organization, you can have the systems and processes in place to remove the time wasted completing repetitive tasks. 

Further, you can use your digital workplace to create an environment where open communication, collaboration, and teamwork become easy and encouraged.


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