6 Lessons to Learn From Firing Your Top Developer

6 Lessons to Learn From Firing Your Top Developer

Some lessons are best learned from other people’s experiences, and with the positive responses that this story has elicited, it is best that we highlight it as well. Recently was published a notorious article entitled "We fired the most talented employee. It's the best decision we've ever made." It has obtained so many positive responses [...] Read more
advantages and disadvantages of intranet

Overcoming Intranet Challenges

While intranets are impeccable collaboration tools that can shift the way operations and interactions are carried out in ideal working environments, like any other software they have their shortcomings. Disadvantages of intranet may differ from one market to another because of the dynamism that exists between corporations. Today, we’ll focus on four major drawbacks of [...] Read more
Who is Eligible for The Free Office 365

Who is Eligible for the Free Office 365?

If you have a team of volunteers working across borders and they need to connect via smartphones and PCs, then you might want to apply for the free Office 365 modules for nonprofit firms. It’s an amazing offer for those charity firms who are finding it difficult to meet their IT and financial obligations that [...] Read more
Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit plans and pricing

Microsoft Office 365 for Charitable Orgs – Various Perks

Charitable foundations or even crowdfunded firms that are worthy of the Office 365 tailored for firms that promote communities without profit gain can get either donated or discounted modules of Office 365. After perusing over a company documentation, Microsoft proffers a suite that they deem apt for their philanthropic undertakings. Microsoft goes an extra mile [...] Read more

Boosting Productivity Using Intranet Software

Are you still one of the few people out there asking themselves if it’s worth vesting in intranet software? For SMBs and SMEs, this is a perfect tool for connecting employees and promoting workplace culture. When evaluating whether investment on intranet and extranet software is worth it, you don’t need to base your decisions on [...] Read more
microsoft office onenote

5 Ways of Eliminating Unnecessary Clutter with OneNote

I’d like to elucidate that most OneNote’s properties that we’re going to discuss are mostly embedded in Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365. With scheduled meetings, webinars to attend, prospects waiting for updates and many tasks that form your daily routine, things can really get messy. Microsoft Office OneNote is a platform that enables you [...] Read more
intranet problems

Things Dragging Down Intranet Portal Deployment Process

According to a 2012 Gartner study, 40% of portal projects do not achieve the desired return on investment owing to various internal organizational factors. Most portals initiatives fail before they start, and those that manage to spin their portal wheels get their vehicles stalled midway. A large percentage of projects don’t reach their intended objectives. [...] Read more
office 365 intranet template

Why We Recommend Leveraging SharePoint Intranet Templates for Any Organization

As a way of ensuring that users utilize SharePoint services on the go, Microsoft introduced a series of templates that give admins leeway to creating team and communication sites effortlessly. These Office 365 intranet templates facilitate users with a guided framework that form the pillar of developing sites. Any modification you make will be reflected [...] Read more
Software Development and Testing

7 Best Practices for Software Development and Testing

Running a successful team takes a skilled leader, one who possesses the knowledge and experience in bringing out the best from your team. Unfortunately, teams go through restructuring at the drop of a hat. Businesses don't want to exert money and effort on a ‘tool' that does not gain satisfactory results. Dissection of the said [...] Read more
Is Office 365 Killing the Intranet?

Is Office 365 Killing the Intranet?

With over one billion users worldwide, Microsoft Office is undoubtedly the most used software around the globe. Half of these users reportedly use Microsoft Office 365, a cloud option which can be used for creating a collaborative ecosystem in the workplace. Yammer, SP 2013, and Outlook are embedded in MS Office 365 making it a [...] Read more
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